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Evolving customer demands inspire an employee culture transformation
Data-driven incentives, recognition and awards address indirect audience turnover
Acing customer experience chemistry to improve satisfaction scores
Employee training motivates sales and service teams to boost customer satisfaction scores
Optimizing event sponsorship program performance
Employee Incentive Programs That Drive Global Employees to Go Above & Beyond
Multi-audience referral incentive program grows revenue and expands market share
Cultural immersion inspires a world-class incentive travel experience
How Automation & Incentive Management Drove Dealer Results
Immediate adoption of new recognition program generates high engagement
Designing an integrated customer loyalty program
Building a Unified Culture of Recognition After a Strategic Merger
Replatforming a Customer Loyalty Program to Drive Engagement & Loyalty
How data analysis is informing event design
Tapping Into Work Realities to Better Motivate & Attract Talent
“Celebration of the century” honors Snap-on associates
Standards incentive program drives brand compliance and consistency
Strategic Employee Recognition Program Unites Team Members at a Global Pet Retailer
An elite event recognizes employees for outstanding service
Voice of Customer Solution Generates Double-Digit Net Promoter Score Gain
Segmented Incentives & Multi-Audience Technology Drives Agent Sales
Combining top-performer incentives and a training-focused virtual event for big impact
Creating Customer Loyalty & Growing Market Share From the Middle of the Channel
Empowering employees around the globe to embrace fresh corporate values
Growing sales and market share with a targeted customer loyalty program
Creative problem solving and solid partnership elevates incentive travel programs
Consolidating event gifting enhances a financial institution’s meeting experiences
Next-Level Strategy Takes Customer Incentive From Simple Fulfillment to True Engagement
A breakthrough touchpoint restores customer relationships
Improve Performance by Sharing Personalized KPIs in Participant-Level Dashboards
Customer satisfaction scores increased by channel incentive program design and segmentation
Quick and easy pivot from incentive travel to alternate rewards
Health risk mitigation ensured incentive travel success
How Employee Engagement Helped an Insurance Company Update Their Culture
Increasing Employee Retention With an Improved Global Recognition Solution
Generating enthusiasm for revamped channel incentive program
Winning Critical Moments in the Customer Journey
An event goes virtual with live simulcast broadcast
Refreshed Service Awards Strategy Enhances Employee Experience
Employee event experience unites and leads to organizational goal achievement
How We Helped A Healthcare System Unite 20,000 Employees Under One Brand
Aligning & Recognizing Front-Line Employees
A certification and training incentive program sees 70% ROI
A manufacturer is leaving competitors in their dust
A reinvented referral incentive that reignited channel loyalty
How a flawless user conference positioned this brand for new success
How an Incentive Ignited Momentum in One Financier’s Dealer Channel
An expo that masterfully realigned 7,000 franchisees with the brand
Capturing priceless mindshare with a massive auto parts distributor expo
How a Tech Hardware Manufacturer Saw 400% ROI With Their Global Reps
Delivering a clear, unified message with an immersive employee event
Generating serious sales leads with an unexpected experiential event
Incentive travel that takes independent retail stores from good to great
Breaking into new markets and inspiring brand advocacy with an experiential event

Your team is phenomenal. I would do this again any day of the week and twice on Sunday. If your team is your brand, then you have an amazing brand.

Christina Ortega, Sales and Technical Enablement, Conga

We trust ITA Group because they provide a 'wow' experience for our participants, along with effective program operation and budget control, while ensuring our attendees' safety.

President, PC Brokerage Services

The Blueprint Perks program reinforces the core behaviors we believe are crucial to delivering a great customer experience, inside and outside the company. Platform use is high and has continued to grow because it’s easy to use and allows colleagues to quickly recognize and reward their peers, which has further boosted employee morale and engagement.

Heather Camerano, Vice President of Human Resources, Breezeline

Traveler survey scores are the best ever and the business meeting score far exceeded any previous score. Our own employees rated the business meeting 100%!

VP Marketing, EMC Insurance

From the beginning, the feedback on program communications has been overwhelmingly positive. Our package was excellent and even received an international award.

Education Program Director

I have unconditional confidence in ITA Group because I know whatever comes up will be handled efficiently and professionally.

Sr. Executive Assistant, Financial Company

ITA Group analyzes our business and provides insight to move our programs forward. Having sound and robust analytics enables us to manage by fact and establish KPIs that drive ROI.

Education Program Specialist, Manufacturer

ITA Group helped us reach several amazing milestones including strong revenue and profitability growth. They are an important strategic partner.

VP Marketing & Merchandising, Manufacturer

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