How We Helped A Healthcare System Unite 20,000 Employees Under One Brand

In this Employer Branding case study, learn how our healthcare client created passionate employee brand advocates within their own walls.

Healthcare organization employer branding campaign

A leading healthcare system of hospitals and clinics set a date for the external launch of their major rebrand, which included bringing 20,000 employees under a unified brand for the first time. As the launch date quickly approached, their marketing team still didn’t have a communication plan from an agency that felt “right.” Their goal was to ease team members into a unified brand across the network by reinforcing core values and cultural norms. Something that would help employees understand where they fit into the brand message and how they could become advocates for it. 

Creativity Based on Impactful Engagement Was the Diagnosis

With only weeks to make it happen, ITA Group quickly partnered with our client’s marketing team to develop a phased rollout of the rebrand to employees. Using a unique combination of employee engagement expertise and creative ingenuity, we delivered an impactful employer branding campaign that created an emotional connection between employees and what the new brand would mean for them. All while creating a stronger community across the health system. 

A Network-Wide Employer Brand Launch Celebration Keeps Excitement High

We helped our client launch the new brand with a bang, ensuring it made an impact on employees across the decentralized network of more than 130 sites. This generated energy and enthusiasm around the rebrand, making employees eager to continue interacting with it as they dove further into the company’s new values and message. 

Campaign launch week included activities and communications that encouraged employees to internalize and socialize the new brand message. 

Internal Buy-In Leads to External Success

Our creative agency, fueled by motivation and engagement experts, helped our client elevate their internal communication strategy and maintain excitement, alignment and support for their rebrand. And by taking the time to ensure their employees understood the message and their place within it, they were able to create advocates who actively help spread the word to patients, ensuring the external rebrand is successful beyond initial launch. 

One of our volunteers, a retired associate, came to me and said, ‘I don’t know if you all realize this, but this place is completely different… people are nice, smiling, and more.’ I wondered if I was imagining it, so I asked a former co-worker. She said ‘It’s real … the change is real!

Client Stakeholder


Campaign engagement exceeded 50% pre-launch projection.

35% increase over previous year of employees who are “confident in organization.”

85%+ of employees are now likely to recommend the health system to a friend or family member for medical care.