Refreshed Service Awards Strategy Enhances Employee Experience

How Streamlining & Customizing a Service Awards Program Increased Employee Engagement & Organizational Cost Savings

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Refreshed Service Awards Strategy Enhances Employee Experience

As a large retailer with 40,000 employees across 200+ stores, our client was determined to reward employee excellence—but they needed a fresh strategy. By re-engineering their service awards program, they were able to increase employee engagement, streamline the fulfillment process and bring new life to an important program intended to celebrate loyalty and employee dedication.

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Strategic Awards Carefully Curated to Meet Diverse Needs

Rewarding employees in meaningful ways takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when they span five generations and are located in rural, suburban and urban communities. To make their recognition awards attractive to each employee—and the program itself more cost effective—our client needed options. Partnering with ITA Group provided the chance to evaluate the motivational differences within the audience and curate a collection that engaged and inspired employees. 

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Improvements to the Process Led to Bottom-Line Savings

Prior to our partnership, our client was struggling with their fulfillment process. We refined their delivery model for better efficiency, improved customer service and revamped their employee awards experience—all while creating fundamental cost savings for the program.

Streamlined Approach Impacts Program Success

After the program was relaunched in partnership with ITA Group, a combination of enthusiasm for the new program and the smooth transition from the previous year’s process led to a 95% redemption rate. Simply put: The straightforward program makes it easy—and exciting—for employees to be celebrated for their loyalty.

Partnership with ITA Group meant we took administrative duties off our client’s plate while elevating the program’s value to all employees. The new, simplified program includes dependable delivery of motivational, high quality awards that meaningfully acknowledge and honor the accomplishments and loyalty of each employee.