Data-driven incentives, recognition and awards address indirect audience turnover

How a major manufacturer used data to implement a non-sales incentive program that supports business goals and motivates channel partners.


average increase in service experience composite scores across participating locations


average ROI since program inception


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When a manufacturer’s leadership noticed a sharp decline in retention of critical roles, they began looking for answers. 

First, they needed help understanding why people were leaving and how to better motivate them to advance in their roles. ITA Group used the expertise of CMB, a wholly owned subsidiary, to find the root cause of the issue with upfront research. The insights informed a data-driven solution to increase job satisfaction, improve performance and add high-quality talent, all leading to better customer service. 

Qualitative Research Uncovers Program Priorities 

CMB launched a retention study to decide which improvements would make the most impact. Collecting and analyzing qualitative data from in-depth interviews and nearly 1,000 online questionnaires solidified the continued value in trainings, as well as a need to add recognition, awards and communications. 

Training & Education 

Multiple certification levels encouraged upskilling, no matter the role. Hands-on training and career path guidance supported retention efforts because people could see potential growth in the organization. As participants completed trainings, they also received points to use toward awards. The incentive motivated participants to take charge of their career growth. 


Managers started sending celebratory emails to participants for their service anniversaries to recognize the importance of tenure. In-the-moment recognitions provided an opportunity to align with core brand values, recognize each other’s contributions and promote positive behavior. 


The program sparked friendly competition among peers by tracking individual progress-to-goal and monthly contest rankings on the platform. Participants were motivated to achieve certain goals not only for bragging rights, but also so they could qualify to receive compelling awards. Each person had the power to choose an award that was meaningful to them, which increased their connection to the brand. 


Segmented program communications ensured each person received the right messaging at the right time for the highest engagement. The program look and feel aligned with the reputable brand so participants could recognize the messaging anywhere. Multi-channel communications reiterated the importance of program participation and motivated team members to maximize earnings. 

examples of tech retention incentive communications

Program Improvements Increase Participant Satisfaction

The manufacturer’s leadership saw an immediate impact after program implementation. Since launch, the program has proven to be a win-win for the brand and its participants. Those who enrolled in the program have more satisfaction and less risk of turnover. The program continues to evolve as we analyze in-depth program data and introduce new concepts to motivate participants for the long term.

The program has helped me to become a better team member by making the learning process fun and incentivized. It has driven me to go above and beyond 
to progress as much as I can.