Igniting Bottom-Line Success With a Wholesale Distributor Incentive Program

A lagging housing market and sluggish home construction market had our client looking for innovative growth opportunities. A premier wholesaler of plumbing, electric, HVAC, industrial and waterworks products, they turned to ITA Group to help address their business challenges head on and look ahead to growing their bottom line.


Targeting Individuals With the Most Potential to Move the Needle 

The data indicated that most of sales came from existing customers. Thus, the overall incentive strategy—brought to life through targeted communications—uniquely targeted those customers primed for growth.

Connecting Participants With Opportunities Benefiting the Entire Channel 

The incentive strategy included promotion of specific brands and items among program participants which boosted brand loyalty for sponsoring manufacturers, increased sales for wholesale locations and product manufacturers, and built rapport between manufacturers and our client.

A Wow-Worthy Award Selection

The diversity and depth of award selection was transformed, and manual award issuance became a thing of the past.