“Celebration of the century” honors Snap-on associates

When Snap-on wanted to celebrate 100 years of success, they needed an event as inspiring as their people.

attendees testing out snap-on tools in mobile tool truckAttendees got hands-on experience with Snap-on products.

Snap-on knew the passion of their 5,000 alumni, associates and families is what drives their business, so they asked ITA Group to transform a nontraditional venue into an experience that showed their appreciation and supported their culture. 

Celebrating Snap-on and reinforcing connections

Every five years, Snap-on hosts an event to celebrate past and present associates. Each event is a chance for attendees to reinforce bonds and celebrate cultural traditions. But a 100th anniversary called for something special and Snap-on wanted to celebrate in a laid-back but elevated way that recognized each associate’s contributions to company success.

There were several logistical challenges: managing 50+ different suppliers, entertaining 5,000 associates and hosting at an unexpected venue—the Snap-on Kenosha HQ parking lot. 

Snap-on leaned on ITA Group, their partner of 20+ years, to build the agenda and handle all the details—from vetting local suppliers to sourcing tenting and utilities—to transform the parking lot into a functional space for an inspirational experience.

Honoring Snap-on’s past and inspiring the future

ITA Group focused on what was most essential to Snap-on’s success—including family and strengthening the bonds between associates—to change an ordinary parking lot into an inspirational experience. The event supported the company’s culture while also acknowledging the contributions of past and present associates and their families. 

Delivering on Snap-on’s family-focused culture 

Snap-on has a legacy of family and fun, so it was important the event felt authentic to that history. Associates were encouraged to bring their families and celebrate together, and the event was designed to entertain all ages so that kids, associates and retirees all felt included.

Hometown fair atmosphere

Pony rides, rock-climbing walls, a merry-go-round, hot air balloon rides, a Snap-on-branded Ferris wheel and even a giant Snap-on socket-shaped slide—there were many fun activities for attendees, regardless of age. Multiple food and drink vendors delighted guests with tasty treats as live music played. The overall atmosphere was casual and family-friendly, in keeping with Snap-on’s culture. 

Immersed in Snap-on brand

Attendees were invited to interact with the brand while being entertained. There were countless Snap-on displays including a 100th anniversary sign made completely out of sockets, a custom-brewed beer and a Snap-on-branded parade float in classic red, white and blue. An auto show featured muscle cars, racing cars, car haulers and Snap-on service trucks for people to sit in and take photos.

Surprise ending

The event closed with a bang as attendees watched a nighttime spectacular involving parachute jumpers with pyrotechnics. Attendees were treated to a show by a local favorite band. Fans were wowed by their unmatched stage energy, music, and sound and light displays.

Event signage included an anniversary sign made from Snap-on sockets.
Branded trucks for photo opportunities and hot air balloons reinforced the Snap-on brand.
Entertainment included demonstrations of Snap-on products on race cars.
Snap-on race car driver signed autographs for attendees.
Branded carnival elements created an exclusive feel.
Attendees of all ages enjoyed a wide variety of activities.
Pony rides supported the carnival theme and provided entertainment.
Carnival games added variety to entertainment options.
A classic car show display drew crowds.
A wood-carving artist worked on custom signage.
A local band delivered high-energy music, and sound and light displays.
As a finale, parachute jumpers with pyrotechnics wowed attendees.