An event goes virtual with live simulcast broadcast

How an in-person event was broadcast live to 130 regional locations

staging for simulcast event

A leading healthcare system of hospitals and clinics was bringing 20,000 employees under a single brand for the first time, and they needed to get their employees on board right away. 

They wanted to help employees understand the new brand and core values so they could become brand advocates. But because their employees were spread across a decentralized network of more than 130 sites, they were challenged to make a simultaneous brand introduction to everyone.

virtual event engagement kit

Virtual Event Kits Start Generating Pre-Launch Enthusiasm

With only weeks to make it happen, ITA Group developed a virtual event solution to roll out the rebrand to employees. The centerpiece would be a live simulcast broadcast on launch day, during which employees could gather at watch parties at each location or could stream the video individually as needed.

To build excitement for the simulcast, we sent kits containing posters, stickers, puzzle cubes and other materials to ambassadors at each location. The ambassadors then displayed the materials around their workspaces and handed them out to employees, introducing and immersing employees in the new brand and core values so they would be familiar with them before launch.

social media engagement for virtual event

A Launch Day Event Becomes an Interactive, Online Experience

Thanks to the kits and other teaser communications, employees were already buzzing about the rebrand when launch day came. To set the stage for the simulcast, we had a themed Spotify playlist on as employees settled in, keeping the energy high and the mood anticipatory.

Once the lights dimmed and the simulcast started rolling, we ensured the video cut among the presenter, employee footage and other content. This held attention among viewers and kept the spotlight on employees coming together as one and representing the new core values, which is what the rebrand was all about.

Following the simulcast, employees were invited to take selfies using photo props in front of a branded backdrop and post them on social media—connecting employees across locations and sharing excitement for the rebrand externally, too.

Ongoing Digital Engagement Drives the Message Home

Following the simulcast, we kept the momentum going by continuing to celebrate the new brand and core values. A microsite created for the event encouraged employees to interact with the core values and each other by participating in challenges and posting to the social media feed. Emails and videos spoke to what each value meant for employees themselves. This ensured our client’s message stayed top of mind and increased internal buy-in for the new brand.

Internal Buy-In Leads to External Success

In partnership with ITA Group, our client was able to create excitement, alignment and support for their rebrand. Fueled by virtual event essentials, a live simulcast and digital tactics, employees were able to understand the message, values and their place within the new brand. This made it possible for our client to create advocates who actively help spread the word to patients, ensuring the external rebrand is successful beyond initial launch.


50% Amount by which campaign engagement exceeded pre-launch projection

35% increase over previous year of employees who are “confident in organization.”

85%+ of employees are now likely to recommend the health system to a friend or family member for medical care.