Capturing priceless mindshare with a massive auto parts distributor expo

See how this leading automotive aftermarket parts distributor connected with their audience and drove bottom-line growth with an expo.

Like many B2B organizations, this leading automotive aftermarket parts distributor relies on a diverse network of partners to communicate its brand message. But as with all complex distribution models, it’s important to ensure that message doesn’t get lost. Or garbled.

To ensure clarity, they needed a partner to help showcase brand strength—up close and personal—and inspire loyalty, ignite passion and drive bottom-line growth. Two years of strategy, 15,000 attendees and four days of flawless on-site execution later, they continue to pave the way in their market with a loyal following of passionate brand advocates in tow.

NAPA Expo Arena

Event Strategy Spanning Roles, Generations, Business Issues & More

Event strategy had to resonate with not just our client/stakeholders, but with their diverse network of Store Owners and Dealer Customers. It had to cater to near-retirement baby boomers and Generation Z newcomers; consider relevant challenges like brand building, technology adoption and succession planning; and balance event attractions like education and entertainment.

Connectivity for the Masses

A full-service website—before and during the event—plus easy tablet check-in, an interactive event app, and wearable, scan-able IDs were just part of the technology tactics to keep attendees connected across six properties for four days and three nights.

Getting the Message Heard

The event’s 20% increase in enrollment (compared with its previous event) was due largely in part to a strategic multimedia communication campaign designed to heighten brand exposure for 18 critical months leading up to the event.

Bringing the Brand to Life

On site in Las Vegas, the brand came to life in a way that allowed attendees to interact and engage with it.


11% sales increase

100% customer satisfaction on planning execution

93% attendee satisfaction rating

We brought 40 customers and employees and it will pay dividends down the road for both groups.

Store Owner Attendee