An expo that masterfully realigned 7,000 franchisees with the brand

How a solid partnership helped Snap-on inspire franchise owners and drive powerful sales momentum with an experiential event.

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Historically, this global manufacturer left its regions in charge of their own sales conferences/expo events. With a lack of consistency—from objectives to branding to agenda—and modest onsite product sales, they looked to the event experts at ITA Group to create cohesion and re-inspire franchisees. The result? Not only did our client deliver a flawless event, but it marked the beginning of a long-term, successful partnership.

25% increase in attendance

$270M in product sold—nearly 8% more than the previous year

$3.3M saved by negotiating multi-year hotel contract

A Dynamic Partnership Is Key

In order to deliver an event that drives big results, Snap-on needed a partner willing to listen to their needs and quickly pivot when those needs shifted. Hear our client discuss what is priceless when working with an event partner.

Getting Tactical: Streamlining the Experience for 7,000 Attendees

Between a comprehensive registration website and an interactive mobile app, attendees had instant, easy access to all the details they need before, during and after the event. On site, barcode technology made product purchases swift and efficient for attendees, and put real-time sales numbers at vendors’ fingertips.

expo event registration website

Creating a Buzz

Maximizing brand exposure started before attendees even arrived on site. A robust registration website rolled out the brand, while a mobile app created a buzz and shared information before, during and after the event.

Connecting Franchisees With the Brand

The environment on site was crafted to educate and engage attendees, and reinforce the brand at every turn. Ensuring a solid connection with the brand meant flawless logistics, which was delivered in everything from on-site event staff to attendee ground transportation.

Building a Solid Brand Experience, Year After Year

Maintaining momentum for an event year after year is essential. Through our strong partnership, we are able to work closely together to identify areas of success and potential for growth, allowing our client to achieve goals and look to the future.

ITA Group continues to prove that strategic events can drive powerful sales momentum and alignment, brand engagement and impressive ROI.

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