Immediate adoption of new recognition program generates high engagement

How Breezeline improved the employee experience by infusing employee survey feedback into a new recognition program, which identified the initiatives most important for launch (and future state).

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The telecom brand wanted to focus on developing an employee recognition program to address the immediate need to attract, engage and retain talent. 

They wanted a consultative partner that could use data to differentiate an employee recognition solution tailored to those needs. At the same time, they needed a nimble technology solution that was easy to administer and would support both their recognition and incentives programs. Connecting their new program to the brand’s core values would further empower their team members and help improve customer experiences.  

Designing solutions based on employee feedback  

The recognition program design began with research to ensure opportunities would align with employee expectations and desires. Employee feedback captured during the program discovery phase confirmed the importance of milestone celebrations as well as peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee recognitions. Those insights inspired a newsfeed function within the recognition platform for coworkers to share birthday and service anniversary congratulations.

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Prioritizing a personalized and easy-to-use experience

Logging into the mobile-friendly program platform offers team members and managers a centralized view of all recognition and incentive opportunities. With one click, managers can dive deeper into the comprehensive dashboard and instantly see actionable information in real time.

Homepage features 

  • Recognition tool: Employees can easily issue recognitions from anywhere they work 
  • Award storefront: One-click access to browse and redeem from thousands of award options 
  • Points balance: The personalized points balance lives front and center
  • Data visualization: Managers can track team’s quarterly progress via the dashboard, which highlights program enrollment, issuance, recognitions received and budget utilization
employee recognition digital communications campaign

Communicating frequently drives higher engagement

The ITA Group team acted as an extension of the organization’s marketing department to develop consistent branding across all program tactics. The communications plan reinforced key messages, including the value team members bring to fulfilling the brand’s mission and driving ongoing participation. 

statistics about email open rates

Communications inclusions 

  • Hype video 
  • Program launch communications 
  • Program website 
  • Monthly catalog promotion emails 
  • Quarterly updates 
  • Recognition certificates 
  • Recognition budget reminders

Achieving initial goals immediately called for program expansion

Executive, director and manager-level enthusiasm for the program, paired with clear communications and an effective implementation strategy, ensured successful employee program adoption from the beginning.

Employees far exceeded initial targets for enrollment, recognition issuance and recognition received, causing the organization to set even higher goals beyond typical targets for a new program. 

  • 34% outperformance of enrollment goal 
  • 44% outperformance of recognition issuance goal (an average of 18 recognitions sent per participant)
  • 51% increase in recognitions received over anticipated engagement
  • 96% of managers issued at least one recognition

Growing a culture of recognition has had a direct impact on retention. New hires who receive at least one recognition in their first 90 days of employment are retained at a 17% higher rate than those who aren’t recognized.

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Maximizing budget allocation and ROI 

Continual coordination between organization leaders and ITA Group generates as much employee engagement as possible from the budgeted program dollars. Underutilized employee recognition funds are identified and redirected to support a flexible quarterly promotion. 

Quarterly employees challenges

  • New-user challenges: Employees issue their first recognition to earn points. This strategy familiarizes employees with the process and builds the habit of recognition. 
  • Value-aligned challenges: Inviting team members to issue
    at least one recognition per core value to win points and prizes (via games of chance) helps deepen their connection to company values. 

By closely monitoring the budget and effectively managing funds into quarterly challenges, the organization realizes a higher return on investment. Implementing timely program adjustments encourages even more recognition issuance and reinforces the desired values-based behaviors. 

Exploring additional incentives and recognition 

As initial program investments demonstrated value, the organization added multiple programs to create a comprehensive employee engagement experience.

chart of employee engagement over time

Achieving a successful program adoption and results so soon after launch proved that formal employee recognition was valued, and the onboarding experience was effective. The partnership continues to build on the launch through ongoing performance reviews, as well as rolling out new strategies to improve talent acquisition and retention. 

We recently launched our recognition portal with the help of ITA Group and our teams love it!

Vice President, Customer Service & Sales

The Blueprint Perks program reinforces the core behaviors we believe are crucial to delivering a great customer experience, inside and outside the company. Platform use is high and has continued to grow because it’s easy to use and allows colleagues to quickly recognize and reward their peers, which has further boosted employee morale and engagement.

Heather Camerano, Vice President of Human Resources for Breezeline