Breaking into new markets and inspiring brand advocacy with an experiential event

Hot off their bold market-entrance announcement at Internet of Things (IoT) World, T-Mobile was ready to shake things up further at Mobile World Congress America. 

product launch event venue

The goal? Narrow their focus and bring together a key group of 1,000+ commercial IoT decision makers for their next big announcement: T-Mobile has entered the IoT space as the only carrier with a clear path of Narrowband IoT to get to 5G. 

But, where to start? With a partner, of course. An expert with the ability to build on increasing brand awareness and create connections with prospective buyers on a deeper, more strategic level. Who could engage buyers (the right buyers) who were ready to convert on commercial opportunities.

product launch event attendee on t-mobile bicycle

Experiential Strategy: More Showing, Less Telling

We knew our client and their audience. We also knew that to truly connect T-Mobile with the right buyers, a hands-on demo was required. 

To bring T-Mobile’s message the experience it deserved—and to accelerate the lead funnel—we’d have to literally showcase the future of Narrowband IoT by going completely interactive.

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Concept Proposal: Break-In Success

Mobile World Congress America was taking place in one of the U.S.’s most extraordinary destinations: the City by the Bay. And because the wireless Uncarrier is known for doing things differently, we proposed taking the event offsite from the larger conference venue. Our pitch? Take over the historic San Francisco Mint and stage the ultimate heist. One that would send attendees away with a legitimate experience and genuine connections. One that would make them want to further the relationship. One that would make them ultimately convert to partnership. 

Staging the Hands-On Heist

Just like “Ocean’s Eleven”, success was going to come down to precision and planning. Therefore, we crafted an intricate attendee journey that transformed big-picture vision into a tactical process. Along the way, we infused elements that supported brand partnership, network capabilities and potential paths of expansion into Narrowband IoT space.

The venue—once home to nearly one-third of the nation’s wealth—was prime. Its compartmentalized floorplan was key to demonstrating and allowing attendees to connect with T-Mobile’s vast amount of brand and network features. Ultimately, its unconventional layout allowed our ingenuity to shine.

Throughout the space, we designed seven unique micro-events (one per room) that encouraged potential IoT buyers to get hands-on with the brand, a strategy vital to zeroing in on T-Mobile’s big-picture event objectives.

I’ve been in the biz for 28 years and this is the best event I’ve ever been to. T-Mobile nailed it to a T.

Event Attendee


1,218 attendees

21.8% over attendance goal

93% percentage of attendees who reported an enhanced view of T-Mobile

78% percentage of attendees who indicated they gained an understanding of T-Mobile’s IoT offerings