Using Certification & Training Incentives to Meet Shifting Customer Expectations

How our client gained support from sales engineers and international channel partners to shift revenue from hardware to subscription software and services.

certification and training incentive program platform

As our technology hardware client saw the industry and customer needs shift, so was their willingness to invest in technology. Our client evolved away from one-off sales of large, expensive equipment to a reoccurring-revenue model. To support subscription sales, our client needed to introduce new training and knowledge with their global channel partners and their Sales Engineer (SEs) population. Our client needed help to motivate learning and SE expertise.


Success Includes Equipping Sales Engineers & Changing Long-Term Mindset

Our client relies on channel partners across the globe whose SEs play a huge part in achieving go-to-market success. They needed the SEs to fully understand the business outcome of their products and services so they could better assess and fit the needs of customers. The way incentives were ran also needed to change. Our client’s current programs focused on activities associated with network assessments and sales revenue, and they offered limited reward options. This didn’t provide the training or motivation SEs needed to transition from large hardware purchases to subscription-based revenue software sales and acting as an expert for their customers.

Rewarding Training Created Global Product Experts

A partnership with ITA Group helped them create a training and certification program that combined their incentives and drove a unified mindset across all initiatives. The program now rewarded training achievements instead of sales, motivating SEs to learn about the client’s products and services and make expert recommendations. Amazing participation and ultimately revenue-impacting success were found by using pooled points for more meaningful awards and a flexible technology platform that housed all of their incentives and promotions in one place. Motivating a non-sales audience to engage with the new program was done through a mix of one-time travel experiences, localized merchandise rewards for global participants and strong communications about the program. The new platform also allowed our client to run additional product promotions as needed and create two-way communication between their channel team and partner SEs to upload and share their expertise for feedback and rewards.

On-Site Recognition Leads to Sought-After Status

Motivating SEs isn’t just about extrinsic motivators; they’re eager for status and recognition among their peers. Adding a status element to our client’s program allowed SEs to be publicly recognized for their expertise and certification levels by their essential peer group at a live partner event.

A Strategic Partnership for an Ever-Changing Tech Market

For our client to continue to stay ahead of the market, they need to be both proactive and reactive. As their strategic partner, we support them to do both. We help them adjust fast when unexpected changes in the market happen. And we provide reporting and analytics so they can better understand their incentive programs and partners to develop promotions that steer their organization where they want to go.

As our client continues to confront the challenges of the ever-changing tech market, their strategic partnership with ITA Group helps ensure they have the right ideas on their side at the right time.

This was the single most innovative partner initiative this year. It incentivizes partner engineers to work more with [us], resulting in a 70% ROI.

VP GPO Strategy


$70M sales pipeline generated by the program in the first six months

$209M sales pipeline generated by the program over the next three years

89 participating countries