Generating serious sales leads with an unexpected experiential event

See how T-Mobile used an experiential event to burst onto the IoT scene as a major player.

T-Mobile product launch event attendees

When the 2017 Internet of Things World conference rolled around, there was major work to be done. Our client, T-Mobile, was announcing their official entry as a major player into the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

With thousands of IoT retailers and dealers converging on the heart of Silicon Valley for the IoT event of the year, they needed to go big. Go bold. And broadcast their message in a way that would get it heard.

In lieu of a traditional tradeshow-floor booth, T-Mobile—the world-famous Uncarrier—opted to host a sponsored networking event that would allow them to connect with their audience and tell their story in a completely unique way. And though the specific event—a poolside bash—included in their sponsorship package would get the job done, T-Mobile didn’t want a traditional pool party. They wanted to create something different. Something edgy and disruptive and uncarrier-like. Something that would allow them to break in with the attendee demographic by bringing their story to life on site.

More than that, they knew they needed a partner to get it done right. Someone who could help them design and execute an experiential production that would ignite their brand presence, who could effectively educate attendees on network capabilities within the exclusive IoT space, and who had the proven know-how to develop a strong post-event pipeline for sales development follow-up. 

The [ITA Group] team is friendly, enthusiastic and fanatical about customer service.

Global Events Manager
dj at t-mobile pool party

Experiential Strategy: Break All the Rules

Our aim was to create an experience that would align with T-Mobile’s event objectives, immerse attendees in the brand and allow the audience to meaningfully and memorably connect with T-Mobile as an organization. The team came together to collaborate on a vision, and the result was an imaginative concept proposal and deliberate attendee journey—based heavily on strategic messaging and rule-breaking experiential brand activations—designed to make a major splash. 

Concept Proposal: The Ultimate Unpool Party

Our passion for big thinking, plus our proven ability to get the details just right, allowed our team to pull out all the stops. Fearlessly and flawlessly.

Before attendees even got in the door, they were introduced to T-Mobile’s on-site brand presence via a bold brand teaser: branded hallways, ice-cube floor graphics lining the entrance to the event, and branded pop-up banners with unpool-party-inspired messaging—each offering attendees just a flavor of what they were about to experience.

Once inside, it was total brand immersion. T-Mobile’s signature magenta hue encased the poolside event space and popped with magenta up-lighting and branded everything. Wall and window decals. Table linens, napkins and centerpieces. Staff apparel. Even magenta-inspired food and beverages.

The immersive atmosphere created the ultimate ice breaker networking environment complete with a live DJ spinning beats and an oversized LED projection splashing live polling and quiz responses onto the event-branded wall. 


709 sales leads

17% over-attendance goal

522 brand activations scanned

281,325 social media impressions