Next-Level Strategy Takes Customer Incentive From Simple Fulfillment to True Engagement

How a global media/technology corporation stepped up their game to motivate their customers to action.

participant reading incentive communication email

Sometimes organizations get stuck in a rut with their incentive strategy. It may be because they fear the effort needed to make a change or because they don’t recognize the true potential of their incentive. 

This global media/technology corporation realized it was time to take a closer look at the value of their customer incentive and find a partner who would help drive the incentive to increase customer participation, improve award offering and ease administration.

The client realized increased engagement from customers, including a 71% higher email open rate that led to more activations during the promotion. They also gained incremental confidence that their promotion satisfied legal compliance.

The Challenge

The organization was using up to four vendors at a time for multiple customer promotions. It became costly, difficult to manage and hard to see the ROI. Consolidating vendors became the organization’s key objective for streamlining the incentive.

They also wanted to ensure customer awards (like pre-paid cards) arrived in a timely and consistent manner. For them it was icing on the cake if the pre-paid cards could be branded to help promote customer loyalty, reinforcing the brand each time customers used the reward.

Finding a True Partner

Upon consolidation of the client’s four award fulfillment suppliers to two, ITA Group served as the main point of contact with a transition plan led by a team of tenured incentive experts. As a true partner and expert in the space, ITA Group supported the client with a branded prepaid card for award fulfillment (something their existing vendor couldn’t support) while elevating overall incentive strategy. 

The organization began seeing real results, including increased customer-facing email creativity, recommendations based on industry experience and personalized data, and assistance with legal aspects of sweepstakes and promotions. 

Strategy Based in Data

A clear picture of how current promotions/sweepstakes were faring and data-based recommendations took the incentives to the next level. 

Rule Structure Expertise

Guidance on rule structure and legal aspects freed the organization up to focus on their primary business objectives. 

Technology Integration 

A clean design and simple UX flow allowed customers to sign up for the promotion directly from their existing online account.

Creative Design & Messaging

A tailored layout and design allowed the organization to customize the message to show gratitude for customers’ continued loyalty.

The new images and copy really hit the mark. Nicely done!

Program Stakeholder

Qualities of a Lasting Partnership

The key to a successful partnership: to really get to know each other. Frequent communication touch points between the organization and ITA Group ensured ITA Group wasn’t making assumptions about the organization’s needs, but tuning into what truly resonates with them and in turn, their customers.

It’s easy to get stuck in an incentive rut, but it’s important not to settle. Find the right partner today