Dominating Customer Satisfaction Rankings With an Automotive Service Incentive Program

In a climate where dealer service visits related to automotive recalls is at an all-time industry high, customer satisfaction has a powerful impact on brand loyalty. When our client's existing customer satisfaction strategy wasn't cutting it, they looked to ITA Group to gain new focus and put their business on a new path to success. The result led to a 5-spot jump in national customer satisfaction rankings in just two years.


Our client now benefits from a one-stop shop for customer satisfaction—where participants and administrators can log on 24/7 for data and details related to service and parts incentive opportunities, training certification achievement and recognition.

A Message to Align & Motivate

Because team member disengagement, subpar training certification rates and underperforming incentive program(s) were each impacting customer satisfaction scores, we crafted a brand and message designed to align the audience with overarching corporate goals and motivate participants uniquely.

A Commitment to the User

The solution ultimately integrates an assortment of dealer incentives, training certification opportunities and recognition programs to simplify a formerly disjointed approach for approximately 8,000 participants, from service managers, consultants and technicians to parts managers and counter personnel.