A manufacturer is leaving competitors in their dust

How a strong partnership and streamlined experiences paved the way to drive sales, grow market share and create brand advocates for one tire manufacturer.

The market was saturated. A plethora of popular brands were contending for the same independent dealers and sales reps, and they all had channel incentive programs with the same goals: drive sales, grow market share and create brand advocates. Our client was struggling to rise above the crowd. They were running multiple incentive programs, but that only managed to elevate their individual product brands, not achieve corporate-wide growth.
person ordering tools from awards catalog

Expert assessment paved the road for long-term growth

To start producing the type of results they wanted, like increased product sales and greater brand loyalty, the manufacturing company turned to ITA Group. The first step to tackle their challenge was a collaborative assessment, which created an understanding of their complex distribution channel and what motives their audiences.

Consolidation revved up participation

Using the assessment findings, incentive experts at ITA Group made a forward-thinking recommendation: unite all four brands under one program. This gave sales reps the flexibility to sell the right product to fit their customers’ needs while earning awards for submitting claims of whatever brand they sold.

The consolidated program was a catalyst for the creation of a single technology platform. With everything program-related now just a click away, participating was so easy that 65% of sales reps enrolled and began claiming in the first year.

A streamlined experience led to increased sell in and sell out 

With the program and platform set, promoting growth was the next goal. First, a carefully constructed plan was developed to remove the cap on sales reps’ incentive earning potential, encouraging reps to keep earning awards through different opportunities, like sales, promotions and training. Then, segmented communications targeted different rep types, ensuring they knew about all the opportunities available to them.

Through these strategies, reps interacted more frequently with the program and our client’s brand, resulting in greater sales: dealer locations with at least one rep in the program purchased 26 units for every one purchased by dealers with zero reps participating.

Sales reps who participate each year in the program increase their sell out YOY on average, completing the push-pull strategy of this program.

ipad showing graph with units by sales rep participation

Data is the fuel. Continued engagement is the engine. 

Our client had broken through the noisy market… but it was only the beginning. Holding onto that mind (and wallet) share meant being proactive. And the road to success was paved with data.

Analyses of redemption trends identified the awards sales reps liked most, and offering these sought-after items led to over 98% redemption of points each year since 2012. Recommended updates to rule structures and promotions were based on statistical evidence, enabling our client to anticipate impact and see estimated ROI. These data-driven adjustments drove average participating dealers to more than double their purchase of units in five years.

computer showing sales analytics

Today, our client benefits from a profitable program that differentiates their brand among dealers and sales reps, and the organization continues growing its market share in a competitive industry. And as their channel program flourishes, so does our partnership, including the addition of consumer loyalty initiatives and training programs.