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ITA Group creates and manages events, incentives and recognition programs that align and motivate your people. 

You’ve Got Challenges? We’ve Got Solutions.  

As an engagement solutions partner, we deliver innovative solutions—events, incentives and recognition—that solve your business challenges. How? By moving your people to higher levels of performance. 

ITA Group, Inc. @ITAGroup • 4 hours 23 min
Your partners may need a nudge to achieve more. That’s where come in. https://t.co/iim2A4lwf9 https://t.co/a8fw12LID9
ITA Group, Inc. @ITAGroup • 1 day 2 hours
How we used theory to enhance an automotive program: https://t.co/9ilFxG7UO7 https://t.co/F0nJyJ7uHJ