Creative problem solving and solid partnership elevates incentive travel programs

Our global incentive travel partnerships are built on trust, innovative solutions, financial transparency and amazing experiences for participants.

happy incentive travel winners dine along beachfrontEcolab attendees enjoy dinner along the beach front with views of Sea of Cortez.

Ecolab wanted to continue rewarding employee excellence with incentive travel but needed an alternative to logistical nightmares and inconsistent budgeting. As a company with 48,000 employees in more than 170 countries, their hands were full—they needed help. In choosing a global incentive travel partner, straightforward budgeting, creative ideas and solid reputation topped their list.

An incentive travel partnership of personalization and behind-the-scenes creativity

Our long-term relationship with Ecolab has led to an unparalleled level of trust and customized travel experiences. We create emotional connections between Ecolab’s people and their brand. Not only by choosing destinations that use the Ecolab brand of products, but also by proactively ensuring each participant’s needs (allergies, religious requirements, and more) are cared for. 

Working to wow up to 400 well-traveled global participants year after year takes creative thinking and a willingness to go above and beyond at a service level. Each trip, we prepare a theme aligned to the Ecolab mission, orchestrate incredible events, feature on-location branding, develop communications and gifting, and coordinate multilocation departures to arrive at a single destination on time. 

This is the story of how we’ve worked together to create magical incentive travel experiences and keep programs on track.


incentive travel dining event decorDécor expenses shared with another travel group equals budget ingenuity.

Budget consistency and financial transparency

Prior years of unpredictable budgets had the team frustrated and participants underwhelmed. Partnering with the ITA Group incentive travel management team gave Ecolab the financial transparency, reporting and consistency they were looking for. 

Solutions and budget ingenuity

When challenges come to light, the ITA Group team thinks outside the box. For one program, we shared décor expenses with another travel group to step up the venue’s wow factor and stay within budget!


incentive travel attendees watching evening entertainmentAttendees enjoyed entertainment on the Amet Terrace patio after travel shifted from Singapore due to global health event.

Switching destinations last-minute due to health scare

When a global health event closed tourism in Singapore, pivoting to a new destination was necessary to offer health safety and all-new experiences.

Efficient program management and industry relationships overcome the impossible

With 12 weeks to go until the event, Ecolab and ITA Group teams worked quickly to secure a new hotel contract, activity contracts, decor and more in Cabo. The destination was popular due to low health risk and outdoor event space, so competition was fierce as many other organizations wanted to book in Cabo, too. We were able to launch a new registration site one week after the site visit. Eight weeks later, attendees from all over the world experienced the best of Cabo.


The program director and all the Travel Directors always go the extra mile for our attendees and executives. This is appreciated and noticed by all. Makes the program successful knowing ITA Group staff is truly there for their client.

Event Manager
st. peter's basilica in Vatican CityAttendees were treated to a private tour of St. Peter's Basilica.
viewing the Pope at the VaticanFront-row viewing of the Pope in Rome.

Exclusive access to landmarks in Rome

Enjoying a private tour of religious and cultural landmarks at the Vatican is often an impossibility due to massive crowds and security. 

International connections make all the difference

For our Easter trip to Rome, we arranged for Ecolab attendees to experience prime spots to view the Pope and a private tour of the Vatican.

incentive travel attendees dancing and dining along beach36-hours after a fire broke out at a destination in the Dominican Republic, attendees enjoyed a beachfront event.

Fighting fire with creativity in Dominican Republic

A fire just before our Dominican Republic welcome event had damaged multiple restaurants and left other buildings completely inoperable. 

Agility and experience save the day

With 24/7 planning, we revamped the area entirely, adding lighting, inspiring décor and other adjustments to accommodate the new venue. 

ITA Group did another amazing program—they continue to meet my needs and exceed them in ways that only they can do. Love this team!

Director, Event Marketing & Corporate Communications
Camel and guide on the beach in Dubai.Camels on the beach greeted guests in Dubai.

Cleaning up after a Dubai sandstorm

Traveling to Dubai without witnessing the amazing views due to a sandstorm would not be a complete experience.

With loyal relationships, we overcome obstacles

With only hours until our event, we arranged to get the building sparkling again, giving guests a clear view of impressive sights unlike anything they’d seen. We also arranged for camels on the beach—even walking them through the lobby of a new hotel. 


custom-built pirate ship on ocean shoreSan José Del Cabo – A custom-built ship provided a location for evening entertainment after the beach venue had been washed out.

Crafting an on-site experience at San José Del Cabo

Our San José Del Cabo attendees were faced with time-consuming customs lines, and the beach area in front of our extravagant venue had just been washed out.

Custom travel 

We arranged for our Ecolab guests to travel through a separate customs line to cut hours from their travel experience—they also felt like VIPs.

One-of-a-kind events

The team at ITA Group created a plan to build a giant pirate ship on the beach, complete with a dance floor, bars, food and a band. After the wash-out we needed to completely (quickly!) renovate the area for the final night blowout. Our local partners even bulldozed through a wall at our request for easy walkway access.