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Event Marketing ROI: A Roadmap to Prove User Conference Experience ROI
One-On-One With ITA Group Event Sponsorship Program Manager Mark Fisher
Insights Magazine | Event Marketing | Volume 23, Issue 1
Hot Topics in Event Design Collection
10 Event & Travel Podcasts Every Pro Should Listen To
4 Sustainable Event Design Strategies to Reduce Food Waste
5 Event Break Ideas That Help Attendees Recharge
Harnessing the Emotional Connection of Immersive Event Experiences
5 Reasons to Incorporate Traditions Into Experience Design
[Quiz Results] Using Data to Build Hyper-Personalized Event Engagement Journeys
Take the Hyper-Personalized Event Experiences Quiz! Collect Valuable Data to Personalize the Attendee Journey
3 Methods for Collecting Event Audience Data
5 Event Activation Ideas to Engage Your Audience
Applying Elements of Storytelling to Experience Design
Use Novelty to Create Memorable Events
Elevate Event Design by Embracing the Ripple Effect
Defining Hybrid Events With Attendee Experience in Mind
Insights Magazine | Events | Volume 22, Issue 1
Embrace Event Design to Satisfy All Stakeholders
Experiential Events – Make the Most of Your Investment
Event Contracting Challenges & Meeting Professional Tips
Your Hybrid Event Collection
Best Practices for Hosting a Channel Partner Summit & Other Partner Events
Why Event Visioning Is So Important, & How to Do It
How to Improve Employee Experience With Corporate Events (& Why Now Is the Time to Do It)
Get Relevant Post-Event Survey Feedback Today
Creative Ways to Make the Event Experience Memorable
Measuring Event Success? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions
One-On-One With ITA Group’s Event Technologist Katie Young
Quick Tips to Spice Up Event Sponsorship Packages
[Audio Insight] Overcoming the Fear of Change With Event Solutions Director Erica Lalk
Video Interview: The Trick to Pricing & Proving ROI for Virtual & Hybrid Events
Insights Magazine | Events | Volume 1, Issue 1
Hyper-Personalizing Your Attendee Journey With Data
Pro Tips for Balancing Health & Safety With Attendee Experience
Your Virtual Event Collection
Considerations for Deciding When to Return to Live Events
New Event Technology Our Experts Are Excited About
Listen & Learn: How to Continue Operating Safe & Healthy Events
Don't Make These 3 Event Audience Engagement Mistakes
Product Launches: Go Big or Go Home
2021 Event Catering Trends
Quick Tips on Virtual vs. In-Person Event Sponsorship
In-Person Event Attendee Data Shows What They’re Really Concerned About
Your Hybrid Events May Engage—But Are They Profitable?
Your Virtual Events May Engage—But Are They Profitable?
5 Ways to Maximize Engagement and Motivation at Events
4 Key Provisions to Incorporate Into Your Future Event and Meeting Contracts
Are You Prepared to Mitigate Health Risks When We Gather In Person Again?
Virtual Event Sponsorship: The Same (If Not More) Opportunities Available as an In-Person Event
Measuring the Success of Your Virtual Event: 4 Considerations Not to Neglect
3 Event Design Principles to Rely on for Your Virtual Event
Refining Event ROI Strategy: Questions to Address Before You Get Started
5 Must Ask Post-Event Survey Questions
4 Ways Strategic Events Are Driving B2B Marketing Strategies
The Hottest Event Keynote Speakers
Going Green: Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Next Event
Employee Events: Creating a Space for Connections
Questions You Need to Ask to Your Event Attendees, Sponsors & Stakeholders
Enhance Your Event ROI & Strategy With Sponsorships
Prove Your Event ROI With These 8 Overlooked Metrics
How to Create an Event Marketing Plan
Proving Event ROI: How Data Can (and Should) Be Leveraged
Clutter-Cutting Brand Message Tips That Grab Your Audience’s Attention
Outside the Ballroom: Unique Event Venues That Inspire
3 Companies Excelling at Experiential Marketing Campaigns
Experiential Event Gift Ideas We Love (And Your Attendees Will Too)
Cracking the Code: Boost Your Brand Advocacy Strategy with Events
20 Cool On-Site Event & Travel Hacks
How We Executed a Successful Strategic Event for T-Mobile
The 11 Kinds of Event Disruption Planners Must Watch Out For
12 Bite-Size Tips to Transform Culture With Company Events
Boost Event Registration With These Clever Communications Tactics
Will Emotion Recognition Technology Be the Future of Event Feedback?
Sales Meeting Best Practices: 8 Foolproof Ways to Align Your Team
Why Events Should Be Part of Your Marketing Promotion Strategy
Why Risk Management Should Be Part of Every Group Travel & Event Strategy
How New Generations Are Inspiring Event Wellness Trends
7 Ways to Make Your Event More Strategic
Brand Immersion: The Secret to an Extraordinary Product Launch
The 5 Key Features of Great Experiential Events
4 Reasons Your Event Needs Data–Not Guesses

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