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Your guide to impactful event strategy

Apply expert advice to see stronger results through strategic event design


In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to connect event vision to measurable outcomes
  • Tips for reaching your ideal audience through cross-promotion and omnichannel creative
  • Ideas to engage and inspire attendees with gamification and givebacks

Gain event strategy advice from our event experts.

Does your event design keep the end in mind?

Event success hinges on connecting the business purpose and experience design. Whether planning a sales kickoff, product launch, conference or tradeshow, start with the results in mind. Know what success means to you to draw a direct line between event engagement and ROI.

The best event marketers know their audience and plan what they want attendees to think, feel and do. The agenda, communications and on-site experience all align to accomplish specific goals. This ebook outlines ideas on how to connect the dots between an event and your bottom line.

Develop a buzzworthy event marketing strategy

Creating an emotional connection with attendees starts long before the event kicks off. From event promotion through post-event outreach, personalized and thoughtful touchpoints set events apart. Experienced event marketers map communications across every phase to ensure each element ties to the theme and tone, and is relevant to attendees. They also give speakers and sponsors everything they need to help tell the event story.

Guessing what will resonate with your audience is out. Co-creating immersive experiences means involving attendees in shaping an active agenda that will spark their imaginations and open the door to lasting collaborations. Generating value for attendees, sponsors and presenters extends the life of the event—and its potential to drive results.

Collaborate to build a comprehensive event strategy

Planning meetings and incentive trips that exceed expectations and deliver results requires innovation, adaptability and appreciation for diverse perspectives to appeal to today’s multigenerational workforce. A strong event team can cover the spectrum, plus add creative problem-solving, continuous improvement and robust analytics. In the ebook, our event experts draw from a deep well of experience to address common challenges with a future-oriented approach.

Get expert tips for improving your event strategy