Your Virtual Event Collection


Event engagement is critical, regardless of format. To reimagine events in a virtual space, you’ll need the latest strategies, content and design tips, and data-capture best practices. 

Included in the comprehensive Virtual Events Collection are nine resources to help you electrify attendees and deliver on your organizational goals. You’ll have instant access to new content on virtual events like:

  • A white paper, which offers ideas on how to give your virtual event agenda a makeover
  • An interactive worksheet that helps you plan for your next virtual event
  • A visual guide on how to avoid virtual pitfalls when it comes to engaging your audience before, during and after the event
  • A video interview on the trick to pricing and proving ROI for virtual and hybrid events
  • A hybrid event pricing & ROI calculator that allows you to input your budget and audience data for different scenarios to view the impact on your overall event ROI

Engage Attendees and Deliver on Your Organizational Goals