Personalize the Event Experience: Use Data Creatively for Unique Attendee Engagement


While it may seem like Buzzfeed-style quizzes are fun but silly fluff, don’t forget that there is real power in using data creatively. Armed with the right information, you can create a meeting and event program that is ready to emotionally connect with your attendees and make sure they feel known and appreciated.

In this white paper, we will:

  • Walk you through a luxury incentive travel example that brings a simple method of data collection to life
  • Dig deeper into some different types of data collection methods available
  • Discuss how data can inform not only personalized event engagement journeys but also your marketing strategy

This type of data collection and analysis can be an out-of-the-box way to interact with and get to know your attendees in a more personal way. It may take some more effort on the front end, but the payoff in enhanced loyalty and business is worth it.