Proving Event ROI: How Data Can (and Should) Be Leveraged

By: ITA Group

The future of event planning will include data, metrics and analyzing massive amounts of information to prove the success of your event. Sophisticated data capture tools—from event registration systems to RFID to online surveys and event apps—are helping event planners and stakeholders collect and analyze valuable attendee information to create a more powerful event experience, and support the goals of your organization.

Dive into our infographic below to learn more about how event data, when gathered and presented properly at every planning stage, has the potential to help all event stakeholders extract more value from events—improving their business impact and ROI.

80% of event planners are aware of the importance of event data, but only 20% of organizations say they do a good job integrating data effectively according to a study developed by Event Marketer and Cvent
Event ROI infographic

Gather Data During Every Touchpoint

Every touchpoint at your event, as well as before and after, is an opportunity to capture data on what makes attendees tick—and the behavioral trends that will make them tick in the near future. A good data picture not only enables planners to figure out how brand messages and various types of interaction will likely resonate with the attendees, but also provides the data from which the whole event’s ROI may be effectively measured.

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