Your Hybrid Event Collection


Hybrid events offer event marketers and organizers an unprecedented opportunity to expand audiences and transform their event into a formidable engagement vehicle. To ensure you’re ready to tackle anything, we’ve put together a collection of nine resources including:

  1. Calculator: Hybrid Event Pricing & ROI
  2. Article: Video Interview: The Trick to Pricing & Proving ROI for Virtual & Hybrid Events
  3. White Paper: Measuring the Success of Your Virtual Event: 4 Considerations Not to Neglect
  4. Webinar: Pro Tips for Balancing Health & Safety With Attendee Experience
  5. Article: Quick Tips on Virtual vs. In-Person Event Sponsorship
  6. Article: Event Contracting Challenges & Meeting Professional Tips
  7. Article: New Event Technology Our Experts Are Excited About
  8. White Paper: Reimagine or Reinvent: Give Your Virtual Event Agenda a Makeover
  9. Magazine: Insights Magazine, Events, Volume 1, Issue 1

By implementing virtual elements into your event and creating opportunities for worldwide audiences to consume your event content year-round, you can grow your attendance, optimize your event strategy and gain powerful insights to continually improve your event.