10 Event & Travel Podcasts Every Pro Should Listen To

By: Theresa Link
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I love a long road trip on my own—the simple pleasures of the open road in front of me and a playlist of travel podcasts queued up on my phone. This is probably why I have so many favorite event and travel podcasts I listen to regularly (and some I save specifically for future trips). 

Besides helping me stay up-to-date on event and travel industry thought leadership, technology and best practices, podcast stories give my brain a boost and engage my emotions.

I’m not alone in that feeling. The Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University found that listening to good stories (in visual or audio format) activate multiple areas of our brains. Stories inspire empathy and can even influence our psychology and behavior.

10 Best Event & Travel Podcasts to Inspire

With so many amazing podcasts available, it’s hard to know where to start. I’m constantly adding to my playlist, and I decided it was time to go through and update my top ten favorites that I find particularly relevant and engaging. The topics range from event planning and marketing to real-life travel stories. I like how they provide unique industry insights and amplify diverse perspectives. Pick one or two that interest you and enjoy the listen. Then get in touch—I’d love to hear what you think of them (or if you know of any great podcasts I missed).

1. Beyond the Meeting Room

What it’s about: Mike Dominguez, president and CEO of Associated Luxury Hotels International, brings together industry leaders to have conversations about leadership, technology and well-being.

Why I love it: Mike is a well-respected voice in the hospitality industry and his podcast covers a wide range of important topics.

2. Dare to Interrupt

What it’s about: Meetings Today hosts have unfiltered conversations with some of the most influential women in the event industry on important  topics affecting women.

Why I love it: While the podcast focuses on amplifying women’s voices, it covers a wide range of interests and topics. I think it’s an important podcast for everyone in the industry.

3. Eye on Travel With Peter Greenberg

What it’s about: As a CBS News Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg discusses a different location each episode and brings in local experts to share hidden gems.

Why I love it: I love how Peter also tackles issues the travel industry faces globally, while providing insights into what makes key destinations great.

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4. Travel Tales

What it’s about: Comedian Mike Siegel interviews his friends (including actors, comedians and other celebrities) about their funny travel experiences and misadventures.

Why I love it: Because sometimes travel is hilarious! This light-hearted podcast gives an entertaining look at travel while also providing important insights.

5. The Trip That Changed Me

What it’s about: Travel can have life-changing effects. This conversational podcast highlights stories about trips literally changes people’s lives—from altering their perspectives to finding love and everything in between.

Why I love it: Travel changes us in both little and big ways. I love hearing stories about how travelers have found new beginnings on trips.

6. She Explores

What it’s about: Listen to stories of women who are inspired by time spent outside. Episodes discuss topics such as camping, entrepreneurship, conservation, motherhood and more.

Why I love it: I find it fun to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures. While I can’t imagine myself solo camping, I love learning about the experience.

7. Armchair Explorer

What it’s about: Explore stories of exotic places and incredible adventures from well-seasoned travelers. Each episode is structed like a documentary, including music and sound effects.

Why I love it: This podcast takes storytelling to a whole new level. Each episode is a completely unique and immersive story experience.

8. Alpaca My Bags: Responsible Travel Podcast

What it’s about: Dive deep into what responsible global travel looks like with host Erin Hynes. Some key topics include sustainable travel, voluntourism and how to authentically experience a destination.

Why I love it: ITA Group strives to make travel more sustainable. This podcast addresses sustainability in a mindful way that’s helped me frame how I approach the topic.

9. The Room Block

What it’s about: Gain unique insights into the successes and challenges of the events and hospitality industry by listening to stories from many professionals.

Why I love it: Truly this is the podcast for event planning professionals. It explores industry trends from insiders’ perspectives and has a lot of key takeaways.

10. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

What it’s about: Enjoy a podcast made by travel lovers for travel lovers. Hosted by Amanda Kendle, it covers a broad spectrum of topics—plus tips, tricks and insights based on her and her guests’ travels.

Why I love it: These quick, amusing episodes are easy to listen to, even during busy days. They’re full of anecdotes about what people can learn from traveling.

Enjoy the Benefits of Listening to Event & Travel Podcasts

Listening to event and travel podcasts are a fun, inspirational way to spend a few hours, but they have plenty of professional benefits, too. Keeping a pulse on what’s happening in the event industry is key for successful event marketers and planners.

These podcasts offer a variety of resources for inspiration, best practices and future trends in the rapidly changing event and travel industry. Try incorporating a few of these podcasts into your listening schedule to reap the benefits of staying up to date on industry news and stories.

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Theresa Link
Theresa Link

With more than 25 years of travel industry experience, Theresa has a proven passion for creating memorable, life-changing travel experiences. As a Senior Buyer for ITA Group, she focuses on matching her clients’ priorities with the right destination in order to achieve their objectives. In addition, Theresa focuses on sustainability, moving toward travel that is kind to the planet. Theresa is a member of the ITA Women’s Leadership Group, which has a mission of building connections, educating women, promoting achievements of women in the workplace and molding future leaders.