Quick Tips to Spice Up Event Sponsorship Packages

By: ITA Group
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Companies get many requests for event sponsorships. So, making your proposal more memorable can help you land the sponsors you need who are often operating on a limited budget. Here are three tips when diving into your event sponsorship program strategy.

1. Include Sponsors in Your Planning

You want to have the flexibility to plan your event the way you see fit, but there is nothing wrong with including your sponsors in the planning process. Allow them to become a part of the planning and listen to them. They may even have an idea that you haven’t considered. They will appreciate being a part of the process and view it as an even greater return on their investment.

2. Create a Unique Theme for Each Sponsorship Tier

Just because you have a tiered plan doesn’t mean you need to be ordinary. Put on your creative thinking cap and brainstorm how you can dress them up and make them unique to your event. Try creating a theme with them that fits with the subject of your event. This type of creativity will capture the attention of your sponsors and make your request stand out above the rest.

3. Consider Venue Sponsorship Options

Venue in-kind items or contracted concessions can be your best friend. Think about areas where a supplier such as a hotel or convention facility can provide you a product of service in lieu of cash. If they think showcasing their brand at your event will lead to more sales, they may offer discounted or free items to be recognized as a sponsor. These same venues can also offer concessions in your event contract that can be used as sponsored items. Some examples that can be added to sponsorship packages are room upgrades, hotel guest room amenities, Wi-Fi, or spa or restaurant discounts. Whenever you are thinking of something you need to pay for, get creative with your venue.
But this is just a taste of some of the things you can do. Are you looking to bring in more sponsors for your next live, virtual or hybrid event? From the family of ITA Group companies, Hartmann Studios breaks down 12 ideas you can use right now that will both grab attention and get attendees engaging with sponsored brands.
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