[Quiz Results] Using Data to Build Hyper-Personalized Event Engagement Journeys

By: Carrie Winton


This is part two of a two-part series focused on using participant data to deliver meaningful attendee experiences. (Read part one.)

Remember when we invited you to play along with us to demonstrate how a fun, Buzzfeed-style quiz can inform attendee engagement journeys? If you missed the quiz, you can still take it!

This familiar survey methodology can be very effective at collecting the right data to create a highly personalized event experience. While the survey we shared is only a sample, imagine how you could customize the questions to your incentive trip theme and launch it as a teaser with the save the date.

Data Unlocks Your Quiz Power Potential

Before writing questions, understand what pieces of information you want to gather. The questions should map back to the points on the attendee journey you want to personalize—anything, whether it’s a favorite snack on arrival, activity choices tailored to their interests or their favorite music played on closing night. Then work backwards to plant those questions in a fun, low-risk invitation to participants to share a little bit about themselves.

The power of the quiz lies in how you use the data. Analyzing where your attendees fall into segments, or personas, can inform a strategic, intentional and personalized engagement journey. Most of all, it’s a fun, out of the box way to interact with and get to know your attendees (and their guests!) in a more personal way.

To further illustrate how this can come to life for your event, we created engagement journeys for three personas, based on the enthusiastic responses from the “Pack a Bag and We’ll Tell You Your Travel Future” quiz.

For this example, we’re sending our attendees to The Resort at Paws Up, a stunning luxury resort in immaculate Montana. Check out how we personalized the experience every step of the way!

infographic of event personas

Now that you know a little bit about each persona, here’s how you can use their results to personalize your event and make it unforgettable! Check out how we applied results to The Resort at Paws Up example.

event attendee journey infographic

While we hope this exercise was as fun for you to take as it was for us to create, don't forget there is real power in using data creatively to emotionally connect with your attendees and make them feel known. Not to mention the resulting business impact of knowing your audience. If you understand what makes them tick, then your program rules structure can adapt over time to keep challenging your team and inspiring growth. 

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Carrie Winton
Carrie Winton

Carrie received her M.A. in Communication and Research from Saint Louis University (Go Billikens!). Her passion for the meetings and events industry and bringing people together to educate and inspire started over 15 years ago in corporate marketing. More recently, she’s expanded her expertise to global marketing and thought leadership research. Outside of work, Carrie is still likely to be found planning vacations and adventures with her own family—her husband and two young kiddos. She loves to explore unfamiliar places and recently crossed two destinations off her bucket list: Rome and Prague.