Why Risk Management Should Be Part of Every Group Travel & Event Strategy

By: Sarah Haines
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When you’re operating in the dynamic world of travel and events, you’re usually aiming to deliver mind-shifting, awe-inspiring, sensational experiences—right?

Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseeable (translated: non-sensational) circumstances interfere with the best laid plans when it comes to actual execution.

Like the dreaded news that your event’s multi-million-dollar Caribbean property renovation is taking longer than anticipated and will impact your travel dates.

Cancelled flights for hundreds of travelers due to a massive snowstorm targeting New England.

Or a Zika outbreak in the specific region your guests are heading to, just weeks before your scheduled departure.

And those are just potential logistical roadblocks.

Second-degree burns from a day at Trunk Bay or a broken leg from a fall on the Swiss slopes, a foreign terror alert when your guests are sightseeing in Paris, and on-site data breaches are all potential realities that require you to anticipate and plan for the unforeseeable—as much as you possibly can.

Take Control with a Complete Event & Travel Risk Management Strategy

Because your event is an investment, it’s important to manage it like one.

A solid risk management strategy will help you do just that, giving you the ability to design and deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For every event or program, every time.

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Learn More in Our Latest Travel Risk Management Ebook

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Leverage strategic risk management to ensure your people get the mind-shifting, awe-inspiring, sensational travel program experience they’re anticipating.

Sarah Haines
Sarah Haines

Utilizing 15+ years of event management expertise, Sarah is constantly striving to create fearless, powerful, amazing experiences. When she is not helping create those experiences for others, she has fun attempting Pinterest projects and spending time with her husband and children.