How We Executed a Successful Strategic Event for T-Mobile

By: ITA Group
T-Mobile strategic event put on by ITA Group

T-Mobile wanted to bring to life their clear path of NB-IoT, the future of 5G. And getting the messaging right was critical.

T-Mobile (the “Uncarrier”) partnered with ITA Group to create a way to unveil their nationwide Narrowband IoT and expansion of its family of IoT solutions in 2018. 

Through strategic storytelling and innovative experiences, ITA Group focused on T-Mobile’s primary objectives and built an event to strengthen partner relationships as well as attract and engage 1,300 decision makers from 449 companies in 14 different verticals.

To wow attendees and set the tone, we secured a venue with rich history—the San Francisco Mint. Historic, stately and jaw-dropping, we turned it up a notch by immersing the building with the T-Mobile magenta brand. The event theme, “Break-In to NB,” signaled a takedown of the established way of doing things, and created FOMO to those left standing out in the marketplace.

Before the event, we hyped up excitement and ensured the audience had all the information they needed all in one place with a T-Mobile IoT branded event microsite. The site teased T-Mobile's NB-IoT announcement, listed featured product partners, important dates and location information, registration and event photos and video.

On the event day, T-Mobile made a bold PR move—announcing their NB solution and the event supported that. IT was the platform to accelerate it. As attendees walked through the doors of The Mint, they were invited to network, actively connect with technology and experience what it means to “break-in” to NB-IoT. 

The San Francisco Mint entrance with magenta T-Mobile event branded banners

Taking advantage of the compartmentalized floor plan of The Mint, we created events within the event. Using gamification through a mobile app, attendees were encouraged to visit each room to experience partner products and learn how IoT products and T-Mobile's network connected them, as well as explore the venue.

The app was used to scan a QR code for entry to the event and to reinforce key messaging. Attendees were engaged through gamification, social sharing, partner networking and venue maps via unique activations which provided lead-generation information.

Event attendee scanning a QR code on a robot with the event app

The Network Room was a scene right out of Ocean’s 13, featuring branded drapes, projected logos and animated wall projects to highlight T-Mobile’s current #1 standings as a network provider. Seating was arranged to encourage networking while atmospheric lighting created a magenta experience. An acrobat navigated through a sequence of lasers to show how T-Mobile can help customers navigate through the complexity.

Acrobat navigating through a series of green laser beam lights in a room with purple uplighting

Getting people psyched up started happening in the “SyncUP” room featuring T-Mobile products and their tie to NB-IoT and the future of 5G. To highlight the speed of NB-IoT and tie to the event theme, attendees could escape the scene in a virtual reality game where they had to gain control of their getaway car.

Event attendee driving a virtual reality car with T-Mobile event staff assisting in the background

Experience is everything, and learning how the complexity of interrelated IoT products can be simplified was done through a connected helmet demonstration. The partner journey continued through many other activations showcasing the future of T-Mobile and partner products in the leading-edge world of NB-IoT connectivity.

Event attendee riding a stationary bike while wearing a smart helmet as other attendees watch in the background

Details played a big part in this event's success which created brand awareness and connected the Break-In thread throughout the venue. From touches of branded signage, magenta pillows, branded soap dispensers, magenta glowing module centerpieces, and branded chocolate silver coins, a signature drink—the “IoTini”, and a branded round-about carpet in the Connected Street Room, to name a few.

The event centerpieces and IoTini magenta martini drink special

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The party continued in the NB-IoT Courtyard, flooded with magenta and a massive wall projection map. While a DJ spun tunes in the background, people were treated to appetizers and drinks served by a robot. In this sensory-exciting atmosphere, T-Mobile executives delivered their messages to an enthusiastic crowd.

The San Francisco Mint courtyard was lit with magenta uplighting with the T-Mobile logo on the walls

This spectacular event grabbed the attention of the intended audience and put a bright spotlight on T-Mobile’s capabilities.

Twenty-four hours after the event, a video recap was posted on social media outlets. In addition, an email was sent to attendees and other non-attending invitees including a survey to gauge the event’s success and further networking opportunities.

Event Results

  • 21.8% above attendance goal
  • 3,522,258 T-mobile IoT tweet impression reach
  • 78% of attendees gained understanding of T-Mobile's IoT offerings
  • 93% attendees reported an increased positive opinion of T-Mobile
  • 65% of attendees said they would recommend T-Mobile events to colleagues or friends (becoming brand ambassadors)
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