Video Interview: The Trick to Pricing & Proving ROI for Virtual & Hybrid Events

By: ITA Group

Getting a headache trying to price your hybrid or virtual event? Wondering how to achieve the ROI?

Good news—we can help!

Check out the video above featuring Anna Boggs from ITA Group and Tom Gardiner with SpotMe. Follow along as they talk about key considerations every event team needs to cover before greenlighting their next event.

Here’s some of what they covered:

  • How to think about hybrid and virtual event ROI
  • How to prepare for the pricing decision
  • Where and how to find the value in your hybrid or virtual event
  • Different pricing strategies and how they fit to your ROI

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Additional Tips to Keep in Mind:

  1. When deciding your event goal(s), consider what the stakeholders want, but also what value are you bringing to the attendees? This is ultimately will drive if they attend or not.
  2. Don’t just think about the event as an isolated moment, but think about the journey that attendee is on. On-demand content extends the value over a longer period.
  3. To learn what your attendees value, ask them—or go back to the historical data. Which components of my past events were the highest attended? Or the highest appetite for attendance? If there was a breakout that you needed to add another session for, that’s a good thing to note—that’s probably where your value is.
  4. When considering pricing, think about how many people have historically come to this event. Who came? Were there barriers previously that are now gone? Could more come now the event is hybrid?
  5. Make sure you’re putting on the experience that those you want to attend will love.

Our Hybrid Event Pricing & ROI Calculator Can Help

As the world continues to change, we need to think critically about what our objectives are as we make decisions about meetings and events in the coming months.

To help, we developed a hybrid event pricing calculator that can be modified for different scenarios and considerations for any fee-based conference or event. Based on budget inputs and audience data, clients are able to model the impact of various scenarios on overall ROI of the event.

Want to see for yourself? Download now and run the numbers!

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