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Strategic Event Objectives

These strategic event objectives are the foundation for SHIFT’s exclusive approach. Defined and combined uniquely by ITA Group, they position your event for heightened success.

Event Management Simplification+-

We’re your one-stop shop for all things events. Everything. Expert engagement strategy. Flawless logistics. Sensational onsite production. Sound data analytics. And so much more. We help you minimize the complexity so you can maximize the outcome.

Event Attendee Motivation+-

We’re the experts when it comes to getting your people to engage with you. What’s more, we apply MotivologySM—our own method of motivation, a unique method based in human psychology—to every solution we offer in an effort to ensure your people are moved to action. 

Brand Immersion+-

Make an impact when you immerse your attendees in your brand for the duration of the event—even before and after. We’ll craft intentional messaging that fuels excitement, inspires loyalty and creates a lasting impression.

Event Elevation+-

We’ll take your event to a whole new level by making it different. We’ll ask all the right questions to find out what has worked in the past and identify areas that hold serious oomph potential. Then we’ll explore and implement new, unique avenues that bring exciting, impactful energy to your event.

Results Optimization+-

Bottom line, your event is designed to drive results. By strategically aligning your investment with your corporate business strategies and marketing initiatives, we help maximize the impact your event has on your bottom line. And, we make the impact tangible with the inclusion of performance metrics and post-event data analysis.

Our Expertise

Your shift is the result of seamless strategy and flawless execution, which just happens to be our expertise. As your total strategic event solution provider, we’ve got the ability to build a foundation for event success—once we’ve assessed the opportunity and identified your overall event objectives, we’ll pull out all the stops along the way.

Attendee Acquisition and Management
Attendee Acquisition and Management

> Audience target market consultation

> In-house air transportation management and ticketing

> Participant registration and management

> In-house customer service 

Hotel and Venue Sourcing
Event Logistics
Hotel and Venue Sourcing, | Event Logistics

> Global preferred supplier partnership management

> Contract negotiation and risk management

> Agenda planning and project management/coordination

> Travel staffing

Engagement Communications
Technology Services
Engagement Communications, | Technology Services

> Engagement strategy and brand development

> Registration website development

> Event mobile app development

> Social media strategy

Sponsor, Exhibitor and Tradeshow Management
Sponsor, Exhibitor and Tradeshow Management

> Pricing strategy

> Sponsor and exhibitor registration and management

> Show floor design and management

> Revenue reconciliation

Event Production
Event Production

> Content strategy

> Speaker and entertainment procurement

> Environmental signage and branding

> Video production

> Virtual meeting support

Financial Modeling and Management
Assessment and Measurement
Financial Modeling and Management, | Assessment and Measurement

> Budget development and management

> Cost savings tracking and post-event reconciliation

> Event data analytics and reporting

> Benchmarking and ROI/VOI tracking


See the event experience through the eyes of an attendee. It’s pretty cool.>>

Your Results

When it comes to event excellence, ROI and VOI are telling indicators of success. That’s why we’ll measure and analyze both as they relate to identified event objectives—objectives like these.

> Product Education
> Increased Market Share
> Market Exposure
> Brand Loyalty
> Seamless Execution
> Behavior Change
> Brand Awareness
> Lead Generation
> Increased Sales
Let’s get to work—together.