From strategy to solution to proof, we will help you navigate the complexity of events.


First, we become students of your business. It’s not about us, our services, our products. It’s about fit. Do our two companies make sense together? Where are you going as an organization and how can ITA Group help you get there? 

Next, we take things apart to put them back together. Our goal is not to find problems where there aren't any. ITA Group takes a deep dive into your past – asking some tough, but honest questions – to understand what's worked, what hasn't and why. 

Then we leverage our 50+ years of industry knowledge to design a strategy that solves your business issue, fits your culture, and aligns with your corporate goals. Together, we’ll also define clear, measurable program metrics around that strategy.

  • A measurable strategy based on your purpose and our best practices 
  • Maximum brand exposure
  • The negotiating power to secure top venues and program elements within budget
  • The necessary security to protect the integrity of your product/company


By now, we’ve studied your company enough to operate as an extension of your brand. So we can deliver a solution seamlessly. Every solution comes to life with these key parts: 

  • Flawless and friendly onsite execution by seasoned, certified event experts
  • Attention-grabbing, informative marketing and press materials, social media strategy
  • In house air team – high touch customer service
  • Clever and cost-effective amenities and branded giveaways 
  • Robust, proprietary technology for registration/onsite registration, attendee management, attendee/session tracking, reporting

Other things you might value… relevant reporting, exemplary customer service and complete financial transparency. 


Measurement. It’s probably the single most valuable step. Did this whole thing work? Clients need and deserve more than just our word. So ITA Group holds our programs up to the metrics we defined together in the beginning. Did we do what we said we would? We’re an employee-owned company, so like you, we have a lot riding on this.

  • Complete financial transparency, no hidden fees
  • The only performance guarantee in the industry

SHIFT: Strategic Event Solutions

SHIFT: Strategic Event Solutions

SHIFT is an inventive event management approach. A unique paring of key strategic event objectives and must-have event capabilities. The outcome? A combination that sets the stage to shift the mindset of your people and the results of your investment—in a big way.

Learn more about SHIFT: Strategic Event Solutions.