12 On-Site Event Recognition Ideas Your Attendees and Partners Didn’t Know They Wanted

By: ITA Group
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An in-person event is an ideal opportunity to recognize your people—whether they are channel partners, employees, sales team members or something else. Capitalize on their attendance to show appreciation that, in turn, fosters the connection they feel with your brand. Any reward or recognition, big or small, can make them happy, empowering them to become active brand advocates. Here are 12 ideas to take your on-site recognition beyond branded keychains and umbrellas.

1. Satisfy Engraving Cravings

On-site engraving events, hand painting, calligraphy and embossing experiential marketing activations are a powerful way to show inventory with a personalized gifting experience.

2. Imagine Yourself as a Renaissance Man/Woman

Give “The Most Interesting Man in the World” a run for his money. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful oil painting of themselves to put above their fireplace?

3. Honey, I Shrunk Myself!

It may be more gimmicky than our other suggestions, but who wouldn’t love a custom-printed model of themselves? Sources like the Artec Shapify Booth scan an individual and translate it to a toy-size figure.

4. Get the Star Treatment

Not everyone loves the limelight, but getting the VIP treatment is rarely a thing to be turned down. From exclusive access to keynote speakers and behind-the-scenes tours (particularly if your venue is unique) to VIP only receptions, swag and express access, the more unique your offering the more you’ll up the FOMO factor to 11.

5. Personal Chauffeur

If you live in a city with ride-sharing, your employees most likely use it. They might have even used it to get to your event. Take care of the return ride as well as cover some future trips with an Uber or Lyft ride credit.

6. Take a Note from Tom Petty

Because you’re about to be “free fallin'.”  Your thrill seekers may love an experience like skydiving. Make a little time outside the event and send them and a plus one for the ride of a lifetime.

7. A Gift of Time

Send an advance note for attendees to bring broken timepieces with them. Have a station ready to replace batteries or help fix watches.  It’s something that is simple to do, but never makes it on the to-do list. No more excuses for being late to those early morning meetings.

8. A Rising of the Wrist

Depends on your location, but if there are vineyards nearby send the team to a day of wine tasting. Or, take the team to a local brewery for a tour. They can drink some good beer, and learn about the processes behind it. 

9. Start Their Engine

Instead of the drab rental car from the airport, surprise them with something different. Let them start (or end) the event in style by hooking them up with a vintage convertible, classic roadster or high-end import—maybe one with a manual transmission if they're extra daring. Like Airbnb lets you rent homes in every city, DriveShare lets you rent cool, classic cars.

10. Some Quality “Me” Time

Events can be hectic, with the full agenda and constant networking. Way outside the comfort zone for many personalities, why not acknowledge and counteract with a collection of anxiety-reducing activities? Adult coloring books, colored pencils and scent bundles make a great calming trio.

11. Look Like a Boss

Want to grab attention at a sales meeting? Set up a photo booth for headshot portraits. Get those profiles updated! An added bonus, this can be perfect for celebrating any professional promotions or career milestones.

12. New Take on the Trophy

These days, the classic cup trophy has some stiff competition. Instead, why not create something a little more eye-catching. Try tying the shape or design back to the occasion or achievement. And don’t hold back. Just think how impactful the Dundies were to the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin.

With the right on-site recognition awards program in place, your company will be able to achieve all its goals, and keep attendees happy and partners productive. Ultimately, this reward system will help encourage behaviors you’d like to see in your company culture while recognizing hard work and giving credit where credit is due.

Want more ideas to amplify the impact of your events? Take a look at our ebook, Growing Your Brand Through Immersive Experiences.

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