Employee Recognition Programs

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You spark meaningful connection with employees when you appreciate their efforts and empower them to recognize peers. But to retain and engage the best talent, your employee recognition experience can’t stop there.

ITA Group crafts recognition solutions using personalized strategies to reward and recognize your employees and help you:

  • Inspire employee motivation
  • Encourage behaviors that reflect your core values
  • Nurture emotional connection to peers, leaders and your organization
  • Improve company culture
  • Reward employees
  • Boost employee engagement

Employee recognition programs with ITA Group are tailored to ensure your employees feel recognized and rewarded. You’ll get a program that is impactful, intuitive and integrated in their flow of work, no matter what their job is or where it takes place. 

Our Employee Recognition Expertise

Consulting & Research

  • Deskless worker, remote worker and mobile worker segmentation strategy
  • EVP and core value assessments
  • Employee surveying and focus groups
  • Employee profiling and journey mapping
  • Program consolidation strategy

Recognition Programs

  • Spot recognition
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Customer-issued recognition
  • Nomination awards
  • Top performer awards
  • Performance incentives

Engagement Strategies

  • Cross-media communications
  • Integrated, mobile technology solutions
  • Leader enablement
  • Employee events (live and virtual)
  • Award catalog, experiences & symbolic items
  • Call, email and chat support for employee questions

Data Management & Analytics

  • Integration with HCM, HRIS and other systems
  • Reporting, data visualization and dashboards
  • World-class security and data protection practices

Client Success

  • Dedicated point of contact to manage program
  • Solution KPI and ROI measurement
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Employee events (live and virtual)

“Our program isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s truly becoming a part of how we work. I hear a lot more people wanting to give that discretionary effort because they feel like they’re recognized in a meaningful way. I truly believe that without our program, our leaders wouldn’t be as comfortable recognizing people as they are.”

—HR Leader, Current Client

Our Work

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Let’s Create an Experience That Elevates Your People & Your Business CONTACT US