A breakthrough touchpoint restores customer relationships

How an unexpected gift and timely communications created a positive brand experience during a critical moment in the customer journey.

customer receiving a thank you gift as breakthrough touchpoint

According to Microsoft, 58% of people globally have stopped doing business with a company because of one poor customer service experience.

Due to a recent system change, a leading insurance provider encountered increased call volumes and couldn’t maintain their usual customer care standards. Recognizing these temporary issues could have a permanent negative impact on customer loyalty, they asked ITA Group to develop a quick plan to flip a potential negative impression into a positive one.



Harry and David Gift Basket

Create a speedy plan of action to maintain customer loyalty

A timely and targeted communications plan, including a gift sent directly to customers most impacted, was developed to ease frustration and retain loyalty.

1. Act quickly

Within days, gift sourcing was completed and communications were developed.

2. Target communications

Communication touchpoints were segmented to prioritize the most impacted customers. Email communications let customers know the organization was trying to make things right and built excitement for their upcoming gift delivery.

3. Deliver an unexpected gift

A deluxe gift basket from Harry & David showed appreciation for customers’ business and patience during technology updates. The gift included a branded note card and label wrap to cement brand loyalty.

See each customer touchpoint as an opportunity to engage

Instead of focusing on the negative customer service experience, the organization saw an opportunity to communicate the positive impact their new technology would make on future experiences. ITA Group crafted a message to sincerely thank customers for their patience, tout the value of new enhancements and request their feedback to open lines of communication—letting customers know their opinion is important to the organization. Through this solution, our client’s key relationships were successfully retained and enhanced.

Design experiences to bolster brand loyalty

The organization made right on a sticky situation by opening lines of communication, and went above and beyond to make their audience feel appreciated. An unanticipated gift can be a wonderful surprise, creating a positive touchpoint customers will share, spreading loyalty to friends, family and more.