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A comprehensive approach to workplace culture helps your teams and business thrive

Retain talent, boost morale and earn trust with people-based initiatives that improve culture 

What you’ll learn from this ebook:

  • Why leading employer brands are shifting toward a connected culture approach
  • How to reduce silos and address the 4 essential employee experience areas: leadership development, organizational culture and branding, employee recognition, and learning and development
  • Which audiences are essential to engage and when to reach them
  • How program-specific roadmaps help assess your current state and design next steps

Discover effective solutions to support a well-rounded employee experience.

How to improve organizational culture

Employee engagement that’s smart, relevant and consistent serves employees with a complete experience. This creates a sense of belonging from recruitment through retirement. Think of employee experience as the internal expression of your brand. Through well-aligned programs and benefits, your team members have support at every phase of their journey.

How to create a connected culture


Building a sustainable and connected culture solves business risks

Company culture and employee engagement have a significant business impact. Underinvesting in your teams results in high turnover, low morale and lackluster performance. All issues that undermine your brand being recognized as a great place to work.

  • Leadership development

Designing for growth means creating opportunities for team members. Help them become better leaders by deepening emotional intelligence and facilitating hands-on collaborations. Cross-functional experiences introduce mentoring and coaching relationships employees need to succeed.

  • Organizational culture and branding

Getting clear on your employee value proposition helps attract and retain talent. Employees who connect with and invest in the brand’s mission, vision and values feel their contributions have purpose and are more likely to stay.

  • Employee recognition

Investing in recognition shows gratitude and appreciation, boosts morale and increases performance. The best programs extend beyond top-down accolades. Instead, incorporate employee feedback to evolve the program.

  • Learning and development

Structuring learning programs with individual development plans (IDPs) give employees access to personalize their own career development. They’ll use IDPs to upskill and contribute to their team and organization in new ways.

Evaluating employee engagement solutions

An effective mix of employee experience programs creates an environment for employees to thrive. The result? They feel good about contributing, and they know their employer appreciates them.

To create this connected culture—and maintain it—requires a strategic approach, executed consistently. Mapping initiatives to outcomes ensures you have your bases covered.

Companies that focused on culture and providing proper cultural support were five times more likely to achieve breakthrough results.

—Boston Consulting Group

Explore roadmaps to connect employee engagement programs