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Effective internal communication is a powerful force that helps enrich employees’ lives and leads to a 40% increase in customer satisfaction, a 30% increase in profitability and a 36% increase in the overall performance of the company.

Best of all, good internal communications enable employees to do their jobs better.

Providing the whole of your organization with an effective plan for communicating with one another is a key business function that will inspire and align everyone. Take a look at the list below. Is your internal communication delivering?

  • It helps create a positive work environment. Good internal communication provides constant feedback and purpose which increases employee engagement which in turn decreases turnover rates, ultimately saving the company money. A well-functioning internal communications system and the resulting open work environment will give your company an edge in today's highly competitive market.
  • It provides a better understanding of company values. Open and authentic employee communication encourages feelings of personal value which will have a positive effect on performance. Employees also need to see how their influence reaches beyond their team and can be felt company-wide, providing them with evidence that they play an important part in the greater success of the company.
  • It allows managers to gain valuable feedback. Employee feedback lets managers better adjust to the needs of their employees, allowing them to find more effective ways of motivating them and ultimately leading to increasingly successful leadership. Leaders who utilize internal communication have their finger on the pulse of what their employees are thinking and working on. This provides strong situational awareness and a keen grasp of employees’ strengths and weaknesses. And it puts a manager in a better position to respond to current and future problems, or even to head problems off before they occur.
  • It makes employees feel valued. A great communications strategy can help show employees that their ideas matter. Their bosses are listening; they have attention and respect. And since their ideas matter, they break out of thinking that they’re just a cog in a machine. They become much happier for it, and happy employees are 12% more productive.
  • It fosters teamwork across departments. Providing consistent access to information encourages teamwork at all levels. Inherent silo mentalities are broken down and effective inter-departmental working relationships are fostered, which creates an environment of shared responsibility and shared purpose.

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Enable Easy Communication Anywhere

In this transformative era of hyper-modern organizations, competitiveness depends upon the ability to manage change. Enabling your workforce to engage with coworkers and information wherever they are and whenever they choose is a difference-maker in the increasingly competitive market for attracting talent and creating the positive workplace environment necessary for organizations to thrive. Especially for organizations with large, widely distributed workforces, keeping pace with rapid innovation requires modern tools that can effectively keep all employees fully informed. Find out even more ways to best motivate and engage your employees with our ebook, How to Scale Employee Motivation in Large Organizations.

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