Your front line needs a lifeline.

Employee Experience Drives Customer Experience


56% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.


Engaged employees create engaged customers—a big ask when employers expect front-line workers to be, well, superhuman.

Why are we drawing attention to front-line workers and not just customers? In short, “customer first” is an outdated notion that must be replaced with an organizational employee-first mindset. By empowering front-line workers with the tools and support they need to do their job effectively, they’re able to give customers the human-touch experiences they crave.

The best service brands are evolving customer support systems that create emotional connections, strengthen bonds of loyalty and do so in a way that’s unique to their brand.

What You’ll Learn From the White Paper

Get insight on how to:

  • Evolve customer support, balancing technical optimization and the need for human interaction
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences as your brand standard 
  • Create a leadership structure that prepares front-line teams for success
  • Stay relevant to customers and actively engage them in your brand’s purpose

Bringing the Employee & Customer Experience Loop to Life

Our Living Brand Model shows the basic framework of how businesses can enable employees to keep the promises the brand makes to customers, all while future-proofing your business. It’s a win-win, especially in the face of undeniable employee turnover and customer expectations. 

Realizing the Results of Human-Centered Business

Future-thinking organizations make their front-line people the heart of their business. The results? Long-term employee engagement and growth, increased customer advocacy, trusted brand reputation and organizational resiliency. 

Help Your Customers by Investing in Your People