Inspire customer loyalty with breakthrough touchpoints.

Engage Customers With Beyond-Digital Breakthrough Touchpoints


What You’ll Learn

Why beyond digital breakthrough touchpoints matter. 

How to improve and influence customers’ feelings toward a brand.

When to engage customers during critical moments in the buyer journey.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of breakthrough touchpoints—and how to implement them today.

Engaging Customers When It Matters Most

Increased sales. Brand recovery. Repeat business. These are results our clients saw when leveraging breakthrough touchpoints.

The process starts with understanding each organization’s unique customer buying journey, and the must-win moments that impact whether a customer will engage with your brand or look to the competition.

Show up meaningfully during these moments with thoughtful, unexpected breakthrough touchpoints (like gift packages, incentive trips and apology letters). Customers take note when you value their business—and a little creativity never hurts!

Improving Your Existing Customer Engagement Program

Not all brands are starting from scratch. If you have a customer engagement program that can be built on—great! It’s less expensive to retain customers than it is to drum up new ones.

Reevaluate what’s working with your preexisting program and identify where improvements could be made. A strategic partner can help elevate your current engagement strategy to rally your customer base and create big wins, like deepening customers’ emotional connection with the brand and increasing customer retention and revenue. 

The right partner can also amplify a variety of customer engagement areas, including customer segmentation, event and incentive travel experiences, and ultra-creative surprise-and-delight communications, which helps savvy marketers direct their focus to other business goals. 

Inspiring Customer Loyalty

Customers’ expectations for brands are higher than ever. They’re practically begging brands to be as loyal to them as customers are to the brand. When brands reciprocate loyalty, it leads to increased lifetime value from their customers.

Breakthrough touchpoints use thoughtful strategy to connect authentically with customers—something many brands struggle with. It’s easy to forget the customer is like us: mindful of spending, eager to work with people they trust and skeptical of brand authenticity due to past relationships that didn’t meet their expectations. The time is now to deliver unexpected surprise-and-delight touchpoints throughout the buyer journey and earn customer loyalty.

Learn How to Engage Customers With Breakthrough Touchpoints