What Partners Really Want—Why 1/3 of Vendor Programs Are Dead-On-Arrival


If you’re a channel leader trying to identify where your partner program is falling short or how it could produce better results—this webinar is for you.

Channel partners want tailored, streamlined experiences when collaborating with their vendors. Yet, all too often current vendor programs are too difficult for partners to participate, qualify, or advance; this is even more difficult for partner sales reps.

Understanding what partners want more of can help you best decide where future investments or changes can drive partner growth and engagement.

During this webinar, discover new insights from a study conducted by Forrester Consulting among Channel Partner Owners and Sales Reps in the U.S. and learn:
  • Partner concerns about the current state of vendor programs and how their needs have changed;
  • Which program elements partners find the most valuable and the most challenging;
  • Recommendations to increase partner investments of time, resources and revenue; and
  • Practical ways to tackle what this research reveals.
If you’d like to dive further into the unique needs of U.S. channel partner owners and sales reps to find out how they feel about the current state of channel programs, download the research and start to build toward your best (and most effective) partner program.