Contractor loyalty programs: the secret to growth and success for wholesale distributors.

Stand Out With a Successful Contractor Loyalty Program

Contractor loyalty programs have the power to create value for customers and grow wholesalers market share—when done right.

What You’ll Learn From the White Paper

  • Why a contractor loyalty program is necessary to grow market share and differentiate your organization from competitors 
  • How to design an effective program that’s personalized and meaningful to multiple audiences   
  • Five common mistakes that result in loyalty programs that don’t engage participants

Discover expert advice on how to grow incremental success and better engage existing customers with a contractor loyalty program.

Use a Well-Designed Loyalty Program to Accomplish Key Objectives 

Increase customer retention. Drive margin growth. Enhance brand awareness. Strengthen manufacturer partner relationships. A strategic contractor loyalty program can do all that and more. 

Even as market shifts and economic uncertainty impact the B2B market landscape, a loyalty program can differentiate your organization by leveraging wholesale distributor relationships to offer a better customer experience and increase ease of doing business. 

One ITA Group client’s contractor loyalty program saw 187% greater purchases by targeted customers vs. non-targeted customers. 

Collect Valuable Customer Data That Benefits You & Manufacturing Partners

An effective customer loyalty program collects data that can benefit the entire channel. Manufacturers often lack data about what contractors are buying, which they need to optimize their products. Distributors have coveted access to that data and much more. 

By sharing data collected through loyalty programs, you can position your organization as the partner of choice, even among competitors with lower costs, because you have added value.

Benefit From Expert Loyalty Program Insights

It’s not enough to simply have a loyalty program. You need to build or implement one that’s meaningful to each audience segment and can target partners who are often overlooked (like local store owners and middle-tier contractors). A one-size-fits-all approach won’t yield the results you need.  

In the white paper, our contractor loyalty experts share the top five mistakes they see when organizations implement a loyalty program—plus advice on how to avoid those pitfalls. 

Learn How to Grow Business & Engage Customers With a Successful Contractor Loyalty Program.