Enhance the channel partner experience with a frictionless claims process.

Win Loyalty With Simplified Channel Partner Claims Management


What You’ll Learn From the White Paper

  • Why claims-based loyalty programs deepen connections between manufacturers, dealers and customers 
  • How to leverage technology and streamline processes to improve engagement in claims-based programs   
  • Where to focus enhancements to simplify channel claims administration 

Dive into our expert overview of claims-based program best practices and get practical steps to transform the partner experience.

Enabling User-Friendly Channel Claims Processing & Management 

Smooth. Personalized. Rewarding. Partners expect loyalty programs that bring immediate benefits and build toward long-term perks.

But unclear terms, delayed processing and failed communications create frustrations that damage relationships with your brand’s most promising ambassadors. Increase participation among dealers, reps and customers, lower complaints, reduce administrative burden and build long-term loyalty with intentional upgrades. Protect program integrity, too. 

Designing a claims-based loyalty program that uses smart integrations and deploys customized tools can save your organization from the downsides of managing a partner incentive program at scale. Automating claims creates opportunities for teams to focus on strategy and optimization efforts.

Requiring multi-step claims can lower contractor enrollment, engagement and participation by as much as 40%, according to our clients’ experiences.

Leveraging Data to Inform & Optimize Your Loyalty Program

Manufacturers often miss out on data related to their end customers—the contractors who use their parts, materials or equipment every day. 

One of the benefits of claims-based loyalty programs is the ability to see sell-through data, and harvest insights about the type of products and promotions that your customers crave. Dashboard reporting that tracks real-time program results is critical for maximizing investments. 

Capturing the right customer information is only possible if you have a portal that prioritizes the partner journey and strategic communication plan. Mobile, easy-upload functionality is key for engaging a contractor audience that’s always on the go.

75% of channel partner owners, reps and team members said personalization would increase their sales or influence of a vendor’s products and services.

Creating Value That Motivates Channel Partners

Incentive programs must deliver experiences that motivate participants to return repeatedly. Articulating a clear and aligned value proposition can entice them to enroll. Gamification, nudges and other tactics can keep your brand top of mind in a crowded marketplace.  

Customer loyalty is earned by delivering on your brand promise time and again. Claims-based programs that reward repeat purchases with desirable offerings reinforce the relationship. Stronger relationships = higher return. Consider how cutting complexity can create opportunities to stand out as the brand of choice.

Learn How to Design a Friction-Free Channel Claims Management Process That Customers Value