Want to Grow Your Indirect Channel Program? Take These 8 Steps Today

By: ITA Group
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Tapping into the full value of your channel, requires a formal commitment of resources—people, processes and technology—throughout all phases of the program lifecycle.
The following eight steps of the channel program lifecycle can help formalize and grow your channel program:
  1. Assess & Plan Your Channel Program
  2. Design & Build a Strong Foundation
  3. Target & Recruit the Right Partners
  4. Onboard & Activate to Jumpstart Sales
  5. Train & Enable Partners to Sell Your Solutions
  6. Engage & Motivate Partners to Boost Sales Performance
  7. Retain & Reward Partners to Improve Profitability
  8. Measure & Evaluate Results

Leverage Indirect Sales Channel

It’s good business sense to harness your indirect sales channel (such as agents, distributors, dealers, resellers, etc.) for a litany of reasons, including:
  • Scaling Revenue Faster
  • Reducing Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Expanding the Reach of Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Generating More Opportunities From Your Channel’s Customer Bases
  • Improving Conversion Rates
  • And More!
No doubt you’ve experienced many of these benefits to some degree with your existing channel program no matter how formal it is.
ITA Group’s step-by-step guide provides a roadmap for formalizing your channel program. Although there are only eight steps, they cover a lot of ground. Instead of trying to make it all happen now, remember it’s not a race—it’s a journey.

Start Slow, But Start Somewhere

Prioritize channel program planning and assessment, which defines who your partners are and dictates the processes, technology and people that make up the foundation of the channel program. Add (or revamp) the incentives program to improve alignment with revenue goals and make a big impact.

Walk Before You Run

While there are only eight steps, each step includes numerous options and tasks needed for completion. Don’t try and do everything all at once. Try one strategy or tactic at a time, then add or iterate as you go.

Consult With Experts

Balancing an existing manual process while elevating channel programs is a big lift—so get help! Bring in experts who can help tackle each step, so you gain ground while continuing day-to-day operations.

Download the Guide & Self-Assessment

A channel program formality self-assessment and summary checklist to track your progress is featured inside the guidebook.

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