Evolving partner program levels and tiers to modernize your channel program.

Evolving Partner Program Levels & Tiers to Modernize Your Channel Program


Tiering has historically been used as a straightforward way to manage and prioritize partners. But as modern channels get more and more complex, tiers may not be an effective solution anymore.

Over time, products and services have evolved—and your channel has too. Tiering is not well equipped to deal with new partner types, subscription models and increasingly sophisticated solutions.

If your traditional tiering program is feeling inadequate for your channel’s needs, consider switching to segmentation, which allows for the personalization and flexibility partners crave from vendor programs.

In this white paper, we will:

  • Dig deeper into how tiering works and how to determine if it’s right for your channel
  • Identify potential shortcomings of tiering in complex, modern channels
  • Offer steps to move toward segmentation, if applicable

Discover if it’s time to take your channel incentive program beyond tiering to better meet your partners’ needs.