The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on What Partners Need From Channel Programs


This report reveals survey results on what partners value and need in today’s new normal and identifies areas where vendors can change or shift the emphasis in their channel programs to align with partners’ needs for the future.

Our partner survey, which was fielded nine months into the pandemic, covers not only partners’ initial responses to the COVID-19 crisis but their experiences in transitioning to the new normal. We asked them what they valued before the pandemic, how that changed in their current state, and where their needs and values have shifted as it relates to vendor channel partner programs.

In this research report, you’ll learn the impact of COVID-19 before and after on:
  • What partners value in vendor channel programs
  • How those values and needs change by role (owner vs. sales rep)
  • Where industry changed the responses (manufacturing and materials, technology, insurance)
  • How a partner’s size influences what is valued in a partner program
You’ll also get recommendations along the way of actions to take based on the findings of this study and investments you can make that will meet today’s needs of partners.

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