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Boost Partner Program Participation & Effectiveness By Implementing Behavior-Based Channel Programs


Successful channel leaders have always understood that maintaining channel loyalty depends on the value they help their partners capture.

As the measurement of “value” for many partners shifts from quarterly revenue results to longer lasting and more profitable client relationships, channel programs need to identify, communicate, enable and incentivize activities that help partners win business and extend customer lifecycles.

In this white paper, we explore the importance of:

  • Adaptation to the rapidly changing B2B buyer’s journey
  • Focusing channel incentives on partner behavior as opposed to rewarding more traditional transactions
  • Communicating priorities and value propositions to partners
  • Personalizing campaigns to address specific offerings or markets
  • Sales readiness—why early education matters

To enable partners to realize the full value their companies represent, channel leaders must rethink their incentive practices. Shifting reward budgets into comprehensive behavior-based programs is foundational to enticing partners to develop business-winning habits. By enabling and incentivizing activity that addresses critical buyer journey milestones and post-purchase touchpoints, partners can be better prepared to close deals and optimize customer experience for extended customer lifecycles.

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