From strategy to solution to proof, we will help you navigate the complexity of incentives.


First, we become students of your business. It’s not about us, our services, our products. It’s about fit. Do our two companies make sense together? Where are you going as an organization and how can ITA Group help you get there? 

Next, we take things apart to put them back together. Our goal is not to find problems where there aren't any. ITA Group takes a deep dive into your past – asking some tough, but honest questions – to understand what's worked, what hasn't and why. 

Then we leverage our 50+ years of industry knowledge to design a strategy that solves your business issue, fits your culture, and aligns with your corporate goals. Together, we’ll also define clear, measurable program metrics around that strategy.


By now, we’ve studied your company enough to operate as an extension of your brand. So we can deliver a solution seamlessly. Every solution comes to life with these key parts: 

  • A manageable, measureable strategy
  • Innovative, robust technology
  • Communications that educate and excite
  • Awards your people really want
  • Flawless operation

Other things you might value… relevant reporting, exemplary customer service and complete financial transparency. 


Measurement. It’s probably the single most valuable step. Did this whole thing work? Clients need and deserve more than just our word. So ITA Group holds our programs up to the metrics we defined together in the beginning. Did we do what we said we would? We’re an employee-owned company, so like you, we have a lot riding on this.

AMP: The Distributor Solution

AMP: The Distributor Solution

It’s an ITA Group innovation. A revolutionary power source. And it’s been designed exclusively to empower distributors to produce amplified levels of loyalty and profit within your channel incentive strategy.

We understand the unique challenges you face. But we also understand that you're in the perfect position—precisely ideal—to optimize your existence in the channel.

Learn more about AMP: The Distributor Solution.

Channel Incentives

Channel Incentives

Your channel partners—resellers, distributors, retailers, agents, dealers—are the essential link to your customers. They have a huge influence on brand loyalty, speed to market, revenue and market share. So it only makes sense to educate, motivate and reward them. You have to capture their mindshare to be successful.
Let’s take a look at some data and identify purchasing patterns around consistency and frequency. ITA Group will build a strategy around the numbers you’d like to see. Together, we can put a program in place to make your channel partners your greatest brand ambassadors. 

A channel incentive might be the right place to leverage your investment. Our patent-pending PerformanceSuite® App will put your incentive in the cloud. Reward steps to the sale, adoption and more.

Read more about how ITA Group approaches Channel Incentives.

Sales Incentives

Sales Incentives

No matter the industry, competition is fierce. Product differentiation isn’t enough of an edge these days. Plus, you’re dealing with challenging economic times and a disengaged work force. It’s time to drive revenue and build valuable market share with a sales incentive. 

Changing sales team behavior through incentives can:

  • Drive incremental revenue through upselling and cross-selling
  • Reduce sales costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Align and engage

Maybe you need to reward steps to the sale and increase adoption. Our patent-pending PerformanceSuite® App will put your incentive in the cloud while leveraging your investment. 

Let’s get together and identify where a sales incentive makes sense. ITA Group will stand a program up quickly. We can target your entire sales team or maybe just look at the middle layer – those B players with all that potential. Wherever you need to move the needle, ITA Group will be there to challenge, motivate and reward.

Read more about how ITA Group approaches Sales Incentives.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

With just the right motivation, non-sales employees—even your channel partners—can often step up with great leads. That means more closed business. Lead Generation programs also help align these audiences with your corporate goals. They get to be a bigger part of your success. 

At ITA Group, lead generation programs start with these questions:

  • Is it easy?
  • How much time will it take?
  • What’s in it for me? 

Boring rewards can end your program before it even begins. And if it’s too complicated to submit a lead? Might as well forget it. ITA Group operates lead generation programs for top-performing companies in several industries. We’re experts in meaningful rewards—every generation, country and budget. And our proven strategy and technology make it fast and simple to move qualified leads through your organization.  

Read more about how ITA Group approaches Lead Generation.

Service Satisfaction

Service Satisfaction

Just meeting client expectations? Not good enough. Not in today’s business climate. Your organization needs the edge of exceptional client service. ITA Group will help you create an incentive to boost service scores/ratings and keep clients for life. 

First, we’ll be students of your company and industry. That will help us take a deep—and honest—dive into your current practices. We’ll build on the things you’re doing right and correct the things you’re not. ITA Group is an industry leader in helping top companies identify, maintain, and reward the highest service standards and best practices.

When done right, service satisfaction programs can go a long way in igniting valuable loyalty inside and outside your walls.

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Group Travel

Group Travel

Every group travel experience can potentially extend your brand and change behavior in your organization. We don’t take that for granted. That’s exactly why we deliver some of the most extraordinary experiences in the industry. Your top performers deserve nothing less. Our strategy ensures your employees remember the trip and the winning behaviors that earned it.

ITA Group starts simply—just listening to what you want your people to take away from the experience. Multi-generational research helps us target the perfect destination and put together the right mix of activities, onsite meetings, dining and recognition (including room amenities and special excursions). 

What you buy from us:

  • A measurable strategy based on your event objectives
  • The buying power to negotiate top venues and program elements within budget
  • Event design that results in high recognition and engagement 
  • Fresh ideas for amenities, entertainment and themes
  • A team of experienced, certified event experts for flawless onsite execution
  • Exciting, motivating marketing materials 
  • Robust, proprietary technology for registration, attendee management, reporting
  • A mobile event app for attendees—chat groups, personal agendas, crowdsourcing, navigation, detailed information on local restaurants/attractions/nightlife, instant surveys 
  • Complete financial transparency, no hidden fees
  • The only performance guarantee in the industry

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