Attract & Retain Event Sponsors Year After Year

Sponsors expect more authentic, one-on-one connections with attendees. And want to get the most bang for their buck each year.

ITA Group’s sponsorship team has decades of experience managing sponsors and designing unique opportunities for brand exposure, revenue growth, attendee interactions and more.

Create Meaningful Sponsorship Experiences With ITA Group


Data-driven strategies drive value for sponsors and help you make smart decisions about which sponsors are the right fit. Compelling strategies create buzz for attendees, and align with event and business goals to achieve the most revenue.

  • Client discovery meeting
  • Site visit or virtual platform review
  • Financial analysis
  • Custom marketing and branding opportunities
  • Revenue growth planning and ideation
  • Rebooking strategy for future events

Strategy in Action: Prior to engaging ITA Group, a technology organization’s 100-sponsor event was only 36%-to-goal for the current year’s operation. Following our consultation and development of its sponsorship sell sheet, the following year’s event nearly sold out an entire year in advance!

collage of event sponsorship strategy tactics
event planner reviewing event prospectus

Prospectus Development

Sponsors are always looking for the latest trends, experiences and opportunities to increase brand awareness and networking. Design exclusive packages that attract top-tier sponsors based on your goals, attendees and sponsors. Then data proves their investment is worth it.

  • Activations
  • Intentional attendee connection development
  • Outreach and communications campaign
  • List build and management
  • Prospectus marketing, content creation and copywriting

“From this event, I have many more opportunities that I didn’t know existed! One that’s worth about $5M. That’s valuable!”

—Event Sponsor


From strategy through execution, an in-house Sponsorship Event Manager works hand-in-hand with your event team. They manage the sponsorship process, including information gathering, strategy/creative development and fulfillment.

  • Communication and pre-event logistics webinar
  • Contract design, build, tracking and recording
  • Decorator RFP process and management
  • Exhibitor resource center build and management
  • Engagement pre-, during and post-event
  • Interactive show floor design and booth pricing
  • Session management
  • Tasks and deliverables tracker
  • Timeline and budget management
  • Vendor/supplier management and communications
event sponsorship management website on laptop
sponsorship revenue dashboard on laptop

Data Analysis

See real-time ROI every step of the way with reporting that helps grow, manage and retain sponsors year over year. The results reveal opportunities to continue elevating key target goals, growing sponsor engagement and consistently increasing ROI.

  • Customized trend reporting
  • Revenue forecasting and budget assessments
  • Sponsorship metric tracking (percentage of profit, sold-to-date, estimated revenue, etc.)
  • Weekly meetings

Data Analysis in Action: ITA Group conducted a financial sponsorship assessment for our software client, then analyzed the data to identify ways to increase sponsorship package appeal and process, with the addition of low-cost value adds that promoted sponsorship growth. The result? Our client increased sponsorship revenue by 65% in two years!

Generate Revenue Growth & Sponsor Loyalty With Strategic Management