Sound the Alarm Bells: Is Your Customer Loyalty Platform Costing You Customers?

By: ITA Group
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Chances are if it’s been a few years since you’ve made changes, your customer loyalty platform needs an update to avoid (or stop) customers from running the other direction.

New customer behaviors and demands have evolved beyond the typical transaction-based programs and instead lean more toward programs that reward customer behaviors rather than spend alone. 

Upgrading your platform requires time, effort and resources to pull off. Done well, a platform migration (and the program upgrades) can significantly impact your bottom line and improve the customer experience. But how do you know if it’s the right time to invest in a change? 

84% of companies that improve their customer experience report an increase in revenue. —Forbes

Signs Your Customer Loyalty Program Needs a Refresh

If your program is experiencing two or more of these challenges, it’s time to make a change.  

1. Your loyalty program hasn’t changed in 3+ years

It’s important for your customer loyalty program to evolve with your member’s needs. 

2. Your current program is all about the transaction

Customers become more loyal when they feel an emotional connection to the brand. Invest in the customer experience throughout the program life cycle. 

3. Program personalization doesn’t go beyond the basics

Data can add a personal touch to help your customers feel more valued.

4. Making changes is expensive or difficult

Customer expectations and the market change quickly. Platforms that are built to continuously adapt will give you better results. 

5. You’re struggling to measure (or deliver) ROI

Being able to show stakeholders the value of your loyalty program is essential. 

6. Your promotions are hard to update and require manual workarounds

Reduce team frustration and give them back valuable time with a platform that allows automation

7. You and your team spend less time using the platform

A great loyalty platform enables marketing and sales efforts, making it easy to create new promotions, make changes or see how the program drives value.

8. Your current agency isn’t delivering 

Choosing a partner that’s in tune with the changing market needs will help your loyalty program grow.

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How to Start Upgrading Your Loyalty Program

If you determine (based on your answers to the challenges above) that the time is right, updating your platform will strengthen loyalty and increase repeat purchases among your customers as well as save your team time and frustration. Keep the following in mind as you start planning your migration to a new platform. 

1. Start with strategy

Think about how your program can bring the most value to your members and how they’ll interact with the new platform. Are they must-have features?

2. Keep data at the forefront

To best engage your members, consider how your program will use data to provide a personalized experience. 

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3. Look for innovation

When making a change, you have a fresh opportunity to be innovative while finding a platform that supports adaptation to stay ahead of customer trends. 

4. Keep your members well informed

Communication is key. Prepare members and customers for what to expect from the platform migration so the transition feels smooth.

With the right strategy in place and the right partner, you can successfully design a program that will better engage your customers and forge emotional connections that will generate greater loyal for years to come.  

Silence the alarm bells and prioritize a customer loyalty platform upgrade. Learn more about how to improve your program or contact us with any questions. 

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