ITA Group Named Among Employee Recognition Vendors by Leading Independent Research Firm

ITA Group was recognized among employee recognition vendors in The Employee Recognition Landscape, Q1 2023: Forrester’s Overview of 10 Vendors.

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ITA Group was the only employee recognition provider identified as being able to engage with companies to support the employee engagement needs across nonemployee-to-employee, deskless employees and multiple geographies/global recognition use cases.

West Des Moines, March 7, 2023—ITA Group, a global employee experience solution provider, has been recognized among employee recognition vendors in The Employee Recognition Landscape, Q1 2023: Forrester’s Overview of 10 Vendors. ITA Group provides large employee recognition programs for many industry-leading financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers and logistics organizations. 

The Forrester report provides an overview of 10 vendors based on use cases most frequently sought after by buyers, such as company-to-employee recognition, formal (approval-based) recognition, informal recognition, gratitude/appreciation, and event-based recognition. In addition, they identified the following use cases as extended: nonemployee-to-employee, deskless employees, and multiple geographies/global recognition. 

Forrester states that buyers expect recognition platforms to support a variety of functionalities according to the culture, size and complexity of the overall needs of the business. ITA Group was the only vendor to report that clients select their organization for most or all extended use cases.

“We’re honored to be included in Forrester’s landscape report. We’re proud to be a vendor that supports the core and extended use cases identified by a leading independent research firm,” said Rob Danna, Senior Vice President at ITA Group. “We’re known for building great employee experiences for our clients—and when recognition is combined with employee events, learning and skills development, and effective communications we know it will help our clients inspire, celebrate and motivate employees no matter where, how or when they work.”

“ITA Group supports custom, enterprise-wide employee recognition programs that support team members anywhere including mobile and deskless employees. We believe Forrester’s report shows these are important areas for organizations looking for a recognition solution,” commented ITA Group’s Employee Experience Solution Line Manager Tanya Fish. “Providing well-designed recognition programs for employees is a key piece for any organization to engage and retain talent, and ultimately drive high performance.”

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