ITA Group Chairman and CEO Tom Mahoney Named One of the Most Influential People in the Motivation Industry

West Des Moines, Iowa – Tom Mahoney, chairman and CEO of ITA Group, has been named one of the “25 Most Influential People in the Motivation Industry” by Incentive Magazine.

Mahoney was recognized as an influential “Industry Mover” for being the leader of an important company experiencing rapid growth, while overseeing the creation of new platforms that rethink the delivery of recognition and engagement programs.

“We wanted to recognize the individuals such as Tom Mahoney who have significantly contributed to the advancement of the motivation industry, or made it easier for motivation professionals to do their jobs,” said Vince Alonzo, Editor-in-Chief of Incentive Magazine. Honorees were chosen through a selection process that encompasses input from those who work in the field, reader input, and the editorial team.

ITA Group—a global leader in engagement solutions—creates and manages incentives, events and recognition programs. Tom Mahoney has been with ITA Group since 1987.  ITA Group has achieved rapid growth under Tom Mahoney’s leadership, adding 77 new positions this year to reach a total of more than 630 team members. The company has also added four new engagement solutions during this past year and has seen a burgeoning demand for its innovative approach, as the competition to motivate a multigenerational workforce accelerates.

According to Mr. Mahoney, “Disruption gives you an opportunity to hit the refresh button and demonstrate the value that you’re bringing to your customers. The way we legitimize our business and our industry is to demonstrate that the things we do truly matter and have a positive impact.”

ITA Group reports a current customer satisfaction rating of more than 95%, with 128 active clients, including many in the Fortune 500.  The company serves clients in the automotive; financial and banking; healthcare; insurance; manufacturing; pharmaceutical; retail, wholesale and direct sales; telecommunications; and technology/cloud industries.